Lufthansa Plans New Wi-Fi Launch in 2010

Planes, including the airline’s new A380 jets, will offer the service mid-year

Lufthansa plane // © 2009 Lufthansa


Lufthansa was one of the first airlines to offer Wi-Fi Internet access onboard its planes. It lead the industry, offering what is now some travelers most sought after in-flight feature. But, when its service provider, Connection by Boeing, was shuttered, the airline was left with a disconnect. Now, as Lufthansa readies for its A380 launch, the airline is also planning to reconnect clients in the sky.

A new partnership with Panasonic Aviation will allow laptop and smartphone users to once again connect at 35,000 feet. While finding an airline that offers onboard Wi-Fi is certainly more common these days, Lufthansa’s new Wi-Fi will offer something that others do not, the ability for users to surf the net over water, something that is especially important to business travelers flying to Europe from the U.S.

Test phases of the new service are set to begin in the spring, and many flights will offer connectivity as soon as this summer. The airline hopes to have most of its fleet outfitted with Wi-Fi capability by the end of the year. Lufthansa’s new A380 jets will also be outfitted with Wi-Fi connectivity, as well.


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