Become an A-Lister at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Become an A-Lister at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Families receive the star treatment thanks to the hotel’s partnership with Red Carpet Kids By: Mindy Poder
Shoot a film and walk the red carpet at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. // © 2016 The Peninsula Beverly Hills
Shoot a film and walk the red carpet at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. // © 2016 The Peninsula Beverly Hills

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The Details

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

It's not every day that you walk into a room of people enthusiastically screaming your name, asking you about your style, telling you they’re your No. 1 fan and asking for photos — lots and lots of photos.

Well, that is, unless you’re a celebrity. And if any establishment knows how to cater to a superstar, it’s The Peninsula Beverly Hills, which recently launched a new “World Premiere Experience” through its exclusive partnership with New York City-based Red Carpet Kids. Don’t mistake this for another ho-hum hotel concoction to keep kids busy, though — this is a special simulation that makes even an adult feel like an Oscar winner.

It all begins when participants are ushered from the hotel’s entrance to a red carpet for an interview and a step-and-repeat experience.

“What’s your process like?” I was asked by a blonde woman in a red dress while “paparazzi” incessantly snapped photos and told me how much they loved me.

After the interview, I was taken to the green room to shoot scenes for our film, “The Peninsula Mission.” There, I met my fellow actors, put on a space-themed dress and received touch-ups from a makeup artist.

Then, I was ready for my first scene — flying in front of a green screen. This was followed by group scenes that had us dancing and reciting lines such as “We challenge you to a dance battle throughout Beverly Hills.” We received cues from our director and producer, who, like the rest of the Red Carpet Kids team, never broke character and made the experience feel real.

When the filming was done, the Red Carpet Kids team left to edit our scenes while the “talent,” as we were called, was ushered to a beautiful outdoor terrace at The Peninsula for our wrap party. The table was set with napkins embossed with our names, as well as fresh renditions of childhood treats such as homemade Twix, Oreos and Sno Balls. Our fair-food-inspired entree was an elevated corn dog: freshly fried masa filled with oxtail and short rib (or mushroom risotto balls for vegetarians). Dessert was funnel-cake batter fried into churro-like pieces over a beer-pear sorbet.

After lunch, we walked across the street for our movie’s world premiere inside an impressive screening room at Sony Music. What we didn’t realize was how our scenes fit perfectly into a narrative Red Carpet Kids had already filmed, involving a villain named Biff Vanderhoff and his plot to steal a precious red ruby from the spy team staying at The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

For 10 minutes, my fellow “actors” and I laughed and marveled at the twists and turns of the film. I even felt something like pride when my name appeared in the credits. (Clearly, two hours of star treatment had gone to my head.)

Starting at a Hollywood price tag of $12,000, the Red Carpet Kids Package is best suited for groups of eight or more looking for a memorable way to celebrate milestone occasions such as birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs and even company retreats. Changes to the premiere location, meals and more are possible, so check with the property before booking. 

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