Inside SeaWorld's New Park to Planet Campaign

Inside SeaWorld's New Park to Planet Campaign

SeaWorld guests can protect the ocean and have fun while doing it, too By: Samantha Davis-Friedman
<p>SeaWorld’s new initiative emphasizes a greater connection to sea life and the environment. // © 2018 Getty Images</p><p>Feature image (above):...

SeaWorld’s new initiative emphasizes a greater connection to sea life and the environment. // © 2018 Getty Images

Feature image (above): SeawWorld aims to rehab or rescue 31,000 stranded, ill or injured animals. // © 2018 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

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The Details

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

A new mission has reinforced SeaWorld’s commitment to worldwide ocean conservation and animal rescue efforts. Through the launch of Park to Planet — a new campaign for 2018 that features the tagline “See it Here. Save it There” — SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment hopes guests will think beyond the ocean life they see in a single day at SeaWorld parks and form a long-lasting connection to our planet’s oceans and an interest in protecting them.

A Ticket With a Mission
For nearly 60 years, SeaWorld has been a place where families can learn about and interact with amazing ocean creatures, all while enjoying a theme park experience. But now, the parks are building on the experience to offer visitors “a ticket with a mission.” A SeaWorld park will still be a place to see marine animals, as well as an opportunity to connect with these animals’ true home: the ocean.

“We're on a mission, and it's big, but not impossible,” said Sheri Keller, vice president of global sales for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. “Together we're going to protect marine life and the oceans they call home. Your visit to SeaWorld isn't just a chance to feel connected to the ocean and its creatures; it's a chance for you to play a part in protecting our planet. Each ticket, each visit and each experience at our parks helps fund wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts, habitat protections and ocean health initiatives. We’re inspiring guests to take action and join us in the efforts to save wild animals and wild places.”

The company’s objective in 2018 and beyond is to ensure every visit to SeaWorld parks in San Diego; Orlando, Fla.; and San Antonio will bring excitement and also increased awareness of SeaWorld’s global efforts.

These efforts include the rescue and rehabilitation of more than 31,000 stranded, ill or injured animals; habitat-protection and conservation programs to save marine ecosystems; and worldwide ocean health initiatives to reduce pollution and keep our seas clean.

“I love helping our guests connect with some of the ocean’s incredible animals,” said Kristi Burtis, an orca behaviorist at SeaWorld San Diego. “My hope is that visitors have fun, learn something new and walk away inspired to protect animals in the wild.”

Responsible Food Sourcing
SeaWorld also pushes to inspire guests to protect the planet by implementing responsible food-sourcing policies. This involves a commitment to serve only food that is humanely raised, sustainably harvested and — whenever possible — locally produced.

The parks have further demonstrated their dedication to protecting wild animals and their habitats by not purchasing fish that is caught or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment. They also have replaced styrene foam cups with paper cups; the company also plans to eliminate all styrene foam packaging by the end of 2022.

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