Legoland Introduces Ninjago Worlds in California and Florida

Legoland Introduces Ninjago Worlds in California and Florida

Families can learn the methods of the ninjas at Legoland’s new Ninjago World By: Samantha Davis-Friedman
<p>Parents can sleep beneath a shrine to the four elemental weapons in Ninjago-themed rooms. // © 2017 Legoland California Resort</p><p>Feature image...

Parents can sleep beneath a shrine to the four elemental weapons in Ninjago-themed rooms. // © 2017 Legoland California Resort

Feature image (above): Lego Ninjago World at Legoland Florida Resort features ninja training activities built for kids. // © 2017 Chip Litherland, LOCK + LAND for Legoland Florida Resort

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The Details

Legoland California Resort 

Legoland Florida Resort

Inspired by the popular Lego building sets and the “Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu” television show, Legoland parks in California and Florida are inviting guests to “think like a ninja, move like a ninja, train like a ninja” at the new Lego Ninjago Worlds.

Ninjago World at Legoland California Resort features five attractions designed to challenge guests’ balance, agility, speed and creativity: Zane’s Temple Build, Kai’s Spinners, Cole’s Rock Climb, Jay’s Lightning Drill and Ninjago The  Ride. 

At Zane’s Temple Build, guests can create Lego-brick structures around a 9-foot-tall Lego Monastery that was built with 859,554 pieces. And nearby is a 73,600-brick model of ninjas Nya and Zane that took four “Model Builders” 550 hours to create. 

Visitors can also test their balance at Kai’s Spinners, where they stand on a spinning platform; measure their agility at Cole’s Rock Climb, where they scale a rock wall built alongside the main temple; and test their speed at Jay’s Lightning Drill by pushing lighted buttons in a timed speed cage. In turn, all of this training prepares them for the ultimate ninja experience: Ninjago The Ride.

And families can now extend their immersive Ninjago experience at Legoland Hotel in the California park, where they can spend the night with ninjas Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Nya and Master Wu in one of 18 Ninjago-themed guestrooms or two Ninjago suites, which opened in mid-March. 

“With the popularity of Lego Ninjago World, we knew our guests would love to sleep like a ninja as well,” said Julie Estrada, media relations manager for Legoland California. “All of our Lego Ninjago rooms are designed to immerse families in the Ninjago universe. It’s the Ninjago room created from a ninja dream!”

In the guestrooms, kids have their own television, games, Lego bricks and a treasure chest hidden in what’s designed to be a bamboo passageway to the mountain temple. But mom and dad needn’t worry, because parents get to sleep in ninja-style king-size beds underneath a shrine for the four elemental weapons.  

While there are currently no plans to add Ninjago-themed rooms to the hotel at Legoland Florida Resort, fans can still “become the ninja” in their very own Ninjago adventure when they enter the magical and immersive martial arts kingdom at the nearby park. 

"Lego Ninjago World is a great new addition to our theme park,” said David Brady, senior public relations manager for Legoland Florida. “It has several outdoor activities with no wait in an area we call the Ninja Training Camp, where kids can sharpen their ninja skills and prepare for the ultimate showdown on Lego Ninjago The Ride.”

This exciting attraction in both Legoland parks combines 3-D computer animation and 4-D special effects such as heat, fog and strobe lighting, and introduces groundbreaking interactive technology that has never been seen outside a Legoland theme park. The Ride gives parkgoers of all ages the chance to virtually fight bad guys using ninja hand moves, such as karate chops. Plus, Brady notes, the vehicle keeps score, so kids will want to ride over and over to beat their score — or more likely, beat the scores of their parents.

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