Tauck Debuts First-Ever Kids' E-Brochure

Tauck Debuts First-Ever Kids' E-Brochure

The company’s 68-page kids’ brochure provides peer insights and photographs By: Chelsee Lowe
<p>The new brochure combines photographs and playful text. // © 2016 Tauck Bridges</p><p>Feature image (above): One highlighted trip ventures to the...

The new brochure combines photographs and playful text. // © 2016 Tauck Bridges

Feature image (above): One highlighted trip ventures to the Galapagos Islands. // © 2016 iStock

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The Details

Travel experts know that children have serious sway when it comes to planning family vacations. That’s why some industry pros, including family-owned tour operator Tauck, have increased efforts to communicate with younger jet-setters.

This month, Tauck launched its first-ever e-brochure, “Just for Kids,” which was designed specifically to help children and teenagers as they participate in the vacation decision-making process. The 68-page brochure appeals with colorful, photograph-filled layouts that highlight Tauck Bridges itineraries, share fun facts about destinations and offer travel insights from peers who have already traveled with the brand, as well as Tauck Directors.

“Our goal in creating the Tauck Bridges ‘Just for Kids’ brochure was to involve kids earlier in the vacation-planning process, and also to help them learn about our tours via content that could inspire, educate and spark their curiosity about the places we visit on our Tauck Bridges adventures,” said Julia O’Brien, senior brand manager for Tauck Land Journeys. 

With kids in mind, the brochure groups trips by interest rather than geography: Animal Encounters, Natural Wonders and Landmark Sites. Each trip gets its own full-page spread, across which playful text, trivia and photos of young travelers participating in itinerary events are shared. For example, on the Galapagos: Wildlife Wonderland page, readers get a glimpse of the animals they’ll see on the trip — such as the Galapagos tortoise, sea lions and Sally LightFoot crabs — as well as the vessel they’ll cruise on: Santa Cruz II. On the Red Rock & Painted Canyons trip page, hoodoos, horse rides and hikes are in the spotlight to get readers excited about exploring Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks. 

“While the overall destination is important to kids, we learned that they also want very specific information on the hands-on activities that they’d be experiencing on a tour,” O’Brien said. “It’s not enough to tell a child they’ll be visiting iconic cities in Italy; they also want to hear about the cool pizza-making class, the mock battle they’ll get to perform at ‘gladiator school’ and some neat facts about their after-hours visit to the Sistine Chapel.”

Accommodations and local cuisine are other points of emphasis in the brochure, which Tauck Bridges believes is an incredible resource for travel agents.

“Not only is the brochure a tool to involve children in planning, it’s also an effective sales tool to help travel agents engage their clients’ entire family,” O’Brien said. “Agents can request a brochure digitally on our website or order our printed version via mail. It’s a zero-cost way to spark interest in our all-inclusive family vacations and ultimately enhance Bridges bookings and commission.”

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