‘Lost’ Location Tours on Oahu

Tours take clients to sites where the popular show was filmed

By: By Marty Wentzel

Posing at a film location of the TV show 'Lost' on Oahu. // (c) Kos Tours

Posing at a film location of the TV show "Lost"
on Oahu. // (c) Kos Tours

Ever since the television hit series “Lost” took to the airwaves, captivated fans have been flocking to the Oahu location where scenes from the show were filmed. Now that the program has entered its final season, more people than ever are booking tours to see the sites firsthand. The following tour operators offer clients a glimpse into the land of “Lost” on Oahu.

Hummer Adventures With Kos Tours
About 1½ years before “Lost” debuted in 2004, Kos Tours launched off-road Hummer tours on Oahu’s scenic North Shore.

“Then, ‘Lost’ started filming along the same roads and trails that we were driving,” said owner Ed Kos. “So, when people started watching the show, we added ‘Lost’ locations.”

Today, people are obsessed with “Lost,” Kos said.

“Going to where it was filmed gives them a connection,” he said. “We talk about the scenes, and they feel like they’re part of it. To sit on the same logs that Jack and Ben sat on is huge for some of our guests.”

All of the Kos guides are big fans of the show, allowing them to personalize their tours. During the tours, clients try to answer “Lost” trivia questions such as “what was filmed here?” or “what was the last line said by a particular character in this scene?” The company has even incorporated props such as a Hurley action figure that’s inserted into guest photos off Hurley’s golf course.

“We can make it look like our guests are pushing a full-size blue van down the hill just like Jin and Sawyer did,” said Kos. “We have people pretending they’re being grabbed by the smoke monster. We reenact scenes with our guests, like Jack and Juliet’s embrace outside the Tempest. We present and listen to theories of the show. We even imitate characters, using their voices when talking about what was said during a scene.”

A two-hour tour, which takes participants to film sites for other shows and movies as well, costs $79 per person. Longer tours are also available.

Kos Tours


Kualoa Ranch’s ‘Lost’ Tours
Much of the spectacular scenery seen in “Lost” is located at Kualoa Ranch, a 4,000-acre working cattle ranch that offers its own tours to the show’s filming locations. Actually, the ranch’s one-hour narrated Movie Sites and Ranch tour debuted back in 1992, following the blockbuster film “Jurassic Park” and since then, hundreds of thousands of people have experienced it.

During the excursion, guides lead groups across the ranch and into Kaaawa Valley for up-close looks at famous movie and television production sites. Clients see the log where “Jurassic Park” archaeologist — played by Sam Neill — and the Hammond grandchildren took cover from the dinosaurs. They can check out the six-foot-deep footprints left after the filming of “Godzilla” in 1998, and they can drive along the road from “50 First Dates” where Henry (Adam Sandler) sat waiting for Lucy (Drew Barrymore) as she drove home from the Hukilau Cafe. Among other movies filmed at the ranch are “Wind Talkers,” “You, Me and Dupree,” “Pearl Harbor” and “Mighty Joe Young.”

But it seems that clients get most excited when they stop at places where “Lost” has been filmed, said Kualoa Ranch president John Morgan.

“It’s hard to believe that it has been six years since ‘Lost’ started filming at Kualoa Ranch,” said Morgan. “Our Movie Sites and Ranch tour has become our most popular activity, proving that guests want to get a sneak peek at the ‘Lost’ locations.”

The price for the individual tour is $21 per person.

Kualoa Ranch


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