Atlantis Makes Magic

Company creates 'Magic Submarine Combo'

By: Dawna L. Robertson

Hocus pocus Atlantis! Atlantis Adventures has combined the undersea wonders of Waikiki’s marine world with Hawaii’s premier magic show to produce an entertainment experience available nowhere else in the islands.

According to Ronald Williams, president and CEO of Atlantis Adventures, the new “Magic Submarine Combo” package has multilevel appeal. “It combines a great underwater adventure during the day and fabulous entertainment in the evening at a very attractive price,” Williams notes. Guests can save up to $20 by booking the combined package over selecting the two activities separately.

The “Magic Submarine Combo” highlights Oahu’s only sub tour experience off Waikiki Beach. The 90-minute Atlantis trek begins with a scenic cruise to the dive site marked by a panoramic view of the Waikiki shoreline and Diamond Head Crater.

At the site, adventure lovers step inside the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarine, featuring a spacious, air-conditioned cabin with large viewports for each seat. As the sub descends to a depth of 125 feet, a beautiful underwater world emerges - one that Atlantis helped reinvigorate with artificial reefs that have substantially enhanced the growth of fish, coral and other marine life.

“Today, our passengers see a vibrant ecosystem at work supporting all kinds of tropical fish and marine life up close,” says Williams. Endless schools of tropical fish frolic in an exotic habitat, with turtles, stingrays and reef sharks making frequent appearances. An onboard tour guide entertains and informs about below-the-surface action.

Back on shore, guests are treated to the Magic of Polynesia dinner show at the Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel. In the comfort of the dinner theater setting, master illusionist John Hirokawa performs his fast-paced, high-energy show that literally explodes off the stage at times. Dance, music and Polynesian chants are showcased throughout the performance.

Topping off this unique entertainment extravaganza are two dining options. Priced at $204 per person, the six-course Deluxe Dinner Show features sit-down service highlighted by a tasty steak and lobster combo. The Buffet Dinner Show features salmon and chicken for $148. Both options include beverages and dessert at the magic show, plus Atlantis dive admission.

“We think the package is a winner,” Williams comments. “Both our submarine tour and the magic show offer everything people want in Hawaii. They’re affordable, exciting, fascinating and show what makes being in Hawaii so incredibly special.”


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