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The future looks bright for the Hawaii Convention Center

By: By Marty Wentzel


Hawaii Convention Center

For 2009 and 2010, the Hawaii Convention Center has big plans to attract more MICE attendees to Oahu. // © Hawaii Convention Center
For 2009 and 2010, the Hawaii Convention Center has big plans to attract more MICE attendees to Oahu.

Business looks bright for the Hawaii Convention Center. Four groups have chosen the Honolulu-based facility as the site for their future meetings and conventions.

The Society of American Foresters (SAF), booked for 2011, is expected to draw approximately 1,400 attendees, which means more than $6.6 million in statewide spending and over $640,000 in tax revenue. The center’s hotel partners will benefit with more than 11,000 booked rooms.

"We find our members wanting outstanding educational content combined with the opportunity to relax and explore destination locations," said Michael Goergen, SAF executive vice president. "Hawaii meets our members’ desires. In a difficult economy our members want the most from their convention dollar, and Hawaii combines the opportunity to provide the best of business with a great deal of fun."

The Society for American Archeology is holding its annual meeting in Honolulu in 2013. Anticipating 3,400 attendees, it will generate more than $16 million in statewide spending with more than $1.5 million in tax revenue. Hotel partners will benefit from more than 27,000 booked rooms.

The annual meeting of the Society of Hospital Medicine is slated for 2014, with an estimated 3,100 attendees in attendance. Generating more than $14.6 million in statewide spending, it will likely result in 25,000 rooms booked.

Also in 2014, the American Counseling Association is bringing its annual meeting of 3,200 people to the center, resulting in statewide spending of more than $15 million and more than 26,000 booked rooms.

"These groups will be utilizing the Hawaii Convention Center for the first time, and we will definitely make sure that their experience here is a memorable one," said Joe Davis, SMG Hawaii general manager of the Hawaii Convention Center. "We have a great track record for repeat business, and we will work very hard to have these groups return after they meet here."

To encourage more bookings, the Hawaii Convention Center has announced a new promotion to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood. Called the Hawaii 50th Promotion, it is worth 50 roundtrip airline tickets, $50,000 in destination support, $50,000 in global outreach and attendance/marketing promotional support, $50,000 in hotel credit and 50 percent off of the center’s rental fee. To qualify for this promotion, groups must book a meeting with at least 3,000 attendees or 1,500 room nights for one of the following years: 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2017. Bookings must be confirmed by Dec. 31, 2009.

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