Ke Kumu O Mauna Lani Welcomes The World

June event to focus on healing arts from around the globe

By: Dawna L. Robertson

Throughout history, the nourishing spirit of Kalahuipuaa, now known as Mauna Lani, has been revered and cherished by the people of the islands. In the past, one could only visit by invitation from Hawaiian royalty. Now, Mauna Lani invites guests to honor this legacy and join in the spirit of health and renewal.

Lifestyle experts will gather at the Big Island resort June 8-12 to share their philosophies from around the world in an intimate four-day retreat. The third annual Ke Kumu O Mauna Lani celebration will welcome the return of Hawaiian cultural masters and recognized health and wellness experts from across the country.

Ke Kumu O Mauna Lani is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary lifestyle seminars, interactive workshops and wellness-inspired activities where participants experience presentations by respected leaders in these fields.

“We’re very privileged that Mauna Lani is on sacred land,” said Sylvia Sepielli, owner of Sylvia Planning & Design (SPAd), the company that operates Mauna Lani Spa.
“Guests tell us that the Ke Kumu experience reinforces their intuition that there are more comforting and natural ways to heal mind, body and spirit,” commented Kurt Matsumoto, general manager.

“The event is exciting for those who discover that old traditions have a place in complementing and softening modern medical practices. People feel empowered to go home and seek out alternatives to Western medicine. They’re more energized to learn about spiritual healing as means to cope with daily life.”

Among those committing to the event are recognized experts in Hawaiiana and lifestyles.

The Hawaiian Masters

Danny Kaniela Akaka, Mauna Lani resident Hawaiian historian and kumu (teacher), will lead discussions with local kapuna (elders), kahu (Hawaiian spiritual leaders), and healers on the history and legends of Mauna Lani and spiritual healing on the Big Island.

Akaka views the retreat as a privilege meant for those who feel a strong spiritual attachment and bond to Mauna Lani and who are compelled to fulfill their own personal destiny. “It’s the land that really sends out the invitation,” he remarked.

While here, he feels attendees will gain an insight into the healing methods of practitioners representing many global cultures, including the indigenous culture of Hawaii.

“Those who attend will take home with them values that are important to the process of healing, which they could apply to their own lives, as well as that of their families and friends,” he noted.

Other kumus and experts in Hawaiian culture include Auntie Margaret Machado (lomi lomi massage), Raylene Haalelea Kawaiaea (story telling), Kaualoku Aiu (hula), Ulu Garmon (preservation of nature), John Kaimikaua (Hawaiian traditions) and Sam Kama (master weaver and storyteller).

The Lifestyle Experts

Roger Gabriel has assisted Deepak Chopra with numerous seminars and workshops. He has taught meditation and Ayurveda to thousands of people on all continents for over 30 years.

Other lifestyle experts include Dr. Jeffry S. Life (age management), Dr. Bradford Keeney (shamanism and healing) and Master Hong Liu (Grandmaster of Qi Gong).

Ke Kumu Room and Event Packages

Special packages include four-night oceanview accommodations at Mauna Lani Bay from $1,780 (double occupancy) plus applicable taxes. The Ke Kumu room package also includes a welcome and opening reception on June 8, daily workshops June 9 - 11 and final night garden party with dinner on June 11.

Limited individual day passes are available online or by phone. For specific Ke Kumu details, contact Susan Bredo, event director, at (808) 885-6622.

Matsumoto noted that the property saw some 25 percent repeat business for the event from its first to second year.

“We’re seeing some bookings already and expect a growth year,” he said.

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