North Shore Favorite Rebrands

Turtle Bay, the iconic North Shore resort, charts a course for the future By: Marty Wentzel
Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore is changing its brand message. // © 2011 Turtle Bay Resort
Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore is changing its brand message. // © 2011 Turtle Bay Resort

The Details

Turtle Bay Resort

Clients familiar with Oahu’s North Shore might think of it as a timeless, laidback surfing oasis, but its sole visitor accommodation — Turtle Bay Resort — wants to be seen as timely, trendy and ready to ride a wave into the future.

A new rebranding campaign developed over the past 15 months intends to reposition the 840-acre resort as an energizing getaway appealing to a variety of travelers. At the same time, its goal is to promote the hotel’s proximity to the mighty ocean swells of Oahu’s North Shore, where international surfing competitions take place each winter.

“In a frantic era when time is considered to be a new luxury, everyone from millennials to boomers want their experiences to be as meaningful and real as possible,” said the hotel’s general manager Danna Holck. “We intend to transition Turtle Bay Resort to a dynamic destination synonymous with the world’s most monumental surfing.”

According to Holck, the campaign shows how Turtle Bay meets the evolving expectations of today’s travelers and the premium it places on events, activities, amenities and culinary offerings. Its new tag line is “Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore,” and its new logo is a wave.

The rebranding focuses on six pillars, or ways in which Turtle Bay stands out from all other resorts in Hawaii. The first pillar promotes the hotel’s setting on Oahu’s famous North Shore, a location that gives Turtle Bay a leg up on the competition.

The second pillar showcases Turtle Bay as an “eventful” place designed to host a calendar full of special occasions sush as the World Paddleboard Championship and a slack-key guitar playoff. It already hosts the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and Surfer magazine’s Surfer Poll Awards, both broadcast globally.

Turtle Bay’s third pillar spotlights the watermen — referring to Hawaii’s super-athletes who excel in a variety of aquatic endeavors. It encourages experiential travelers to try not just surfing but paddling, rowing, rough-water swimming, diving and fishing.

The resort’s fourth pillar focuses on agritourism. Embracing the farm-to-table philosophy, Turtle Bay features fresh local foods prepared in the resort’s kitchen and on the pool decks of the hotel, and it offers interpretive tours of Turtle Bay’s own farmlands.

There are many romantic places in Hawaii, but Turtle Bay’s fifth pillar emphasizes its one-of-a-kind setting for proposals, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and other romantic getaways. Its dreamy landscape also serves as an inspiration to photographers, painters, writers, musicians and other creative clients.

The sixth pillar, “talk-story,” refers to the Hawaiian tradition of informal chats. Turtle Bay promises to engage guests with visits from renowned surfers, authors, musicians and filmmakers who will talk-story with guests and residents.

In addition to the brand pillars, the campaign comes with three new logos: a photo of the legendary North Shore surfing spot, Pipeline; the hotel’s original turtle logo, appealing to past guests; and the “NS” logo, standing for North Shore.

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