When Things Go Bad

Hopefully your clients will never meet Sheraton’s Doctors on Call

By: Jill Weinlein

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Doctors on Call waiting room at the Sheraton
Princess Kaiulani Hotel in Waikiki.
While vacationing on Oahu, my husband suffered from a nagging cough. In the evenings he hacked so violently that it shook the bed and kept him awake. Cough drops and over-the-counter medicine didn’t help. Looking for a doctor in the hotel directory, he noticed that our hotel, the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, had a Straub/Doctors on Call office in the lobby open 24/7, year-round. Exhausted, he changed out of his sleeping clothes and went downstairs at 11:30 p.m.

The 4,500-square-foot professional medical clinic offered a clean and empty waiting room. He was escorted into an examining room for a check-up. The doctor’s assistant took his temperature and blood pressure and asked some medical questions. The doctor examined him and found that his bronchial tubes were inflamed from a virus. He prescribed a cough syrup, and the on-site pharmacy filled the order immediately. Within 45 minutes my husband was back in bed and settled in for his first good night’s sleep while on vacation.

The Doctors on Call concept started in 1981, when Dr. James Barahal rode his moped around Honolulu making house calls. His business grew, and within a year he was spending more time visiting guests of hotels than residents. Doctors on Call merged with Straub Hospital in 1986 to offer access to emergency room facilities. Sheraton’s Straub/Doctors on Call now offers a broad range of medical care including x-rays and lab work, and it accepts more than 150 insurance plans. The physicians, nurses, accredited technicians and patient service representatives speak fluent English and Japanese.

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Doctors On Call van
At the Sheraton, I noticed two white vans parked in the rear lot, advertising the service.

“We offer complimentary van service from anywhere in Waikiki to the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani clinic up to 11 p.m.,” said clinic manager Sheilah Kagehiro. “Nearly two-thirds of our patients are visitors to Waikiki. Many visitors come into the clinic with gastrointestinal problems, cuts from stepping on the coral and urinary tract infections.”

Along with the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani facility, there’s a Doctors on Call at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa, open from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

With millions of tourists visiting Waikiki Beach each year, it’s reassuring to know that if your clients come down with an injury or illness on vacation, Straub/Doctors on Call is available to get them back on their feet so they can enjoy the beauty of the islands.

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

Straub/Doctors on Call

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