Our Oahu: Upcoming This February

Our Oahu: Upcoming This February

Sponsored Content: Oahu hits a high note in February
<p>Try yummy dishes in Chinatown. // © 2017 Getty Images</p><p>Feature image (above): Oahu has a multi-ethnic tapestry. // © 2017 Getty Images</p>

Try yummy dishes in Chinatown. // © 2017 Getty Images

Feature image (above): Oahu has a multi-ethnic tapestry. // © 2017 Getty Images

The Details

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Of course, Hawaii is known for its amazing beaches, but Oahu also boasts a modern, multi-ethnic tapestry. When it comes to showing off this unique cultural mix, the island hits a high note in February, from ukulele factory tours to festivities in Honolulu’s Chinatown.

Insider Tip:
“If someone has never seen an instrument being made, they’re surprised by how labor-intensive the process is. Especially kids — they treat the ukulele better because they learn about what went into making it.” 

— Fred Kamaka Jr., Business Manager, Kamaka Ukulele 

Strings Attached 
Fred Kamaka Sr. reveals how crafters in this fourth-generation family-owned business meticulously transform rough Hawaiian koa wood into exquisite Kamaka Hawaii (KamakaHawaii.com) ukuleles revered across the globe. The 93-year-old shares this rich musical legacy during complimentary one-hour factory tours offered Tuesday through Friday at 550 South St. 

Sensory Overload
Steeped in history, Honolulu’s Chinatown is a culinary haven merging tradition with trend. Hawaii Heritage Center Chinatown Tours explores the lively neighborhood one step at a time via 1½-hour walking treks on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Delve into mysterious buildings and bustling markets while noshing on signature treats along the way. 

Hot Dog
Chinatown’s Maunakea, River, Pauahi and Hotel streets command attention on Feb. 10 during The Year of the Dog Chinese New Year Celebration. Bite into a full Saturday of authentic cuisine, live performances, crafts and a vibrant parade with high-energy dragon/lion dancing.

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