Extraordinary Spa Treatments at Capella Pedregal

Extraordinary Spa Treatments at Capella Pedregal

Auriga Spa integrates the traditions of Baja, the phases of the moon and the healing properties of the sea By: Amy Sung
A spa treatment by the pool // © 2014 Capella Pedregal
A spa treatment by the pool // © 2014 Capella Pedregal

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Capella Pedregal

Created by spa designer Sylvia Sepielli, Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas offers a luxurious setting, unique wellness practices and spa treatments derived from local traditions. Located at the center of the resort, the 12,000-square-foot spa is named after the Auriga constellation, of which Capella is the brightest star. According to spa director Vanessa Infante, the spa is designed to resemble an oyster, and each of the treatment “pods” represents a pearl. These circular rooms also maintain a healthy feng shui.

Treatments at this four-year-old spa follow one of three themes: the moon, the sea and “pure Baja,” which uses traditional ingredients and draws on the Mexican folk healing method called curanderismo. Guests can choose to focus on one theme or customize their experiences with different treatments.

A new wellness program introduced this year corresponds to the phases of the moon, with different treatment options themed accordingly. With one-day or three-day options available, special treatments are categorized into four moon phases: the new moon, the waxing moon, the full moon and the waning moon. The spa also provides nutrition, exercise and meditation recommendations that vary depending on the guest’s preferences, and each treatment includes a fitness element in addition to spa, wellness and beauty treatments.

Every spa treatment or wellness program at Auriga begins with an ancient foot bath ritual. A warm neck pillow is placed around guests’ shoulders as they sit down to have their feet soaked in a warm-water bath mixed with herbal oils, then rubbed with a bundle of rosemary, sage, basil and one whole lime, and finally scrubbed with a mixture of sea salt, organic sugar and Shea butter.

Tea is carefully selected for each program and served throughout the spa treatment. During the waning moon phase of my treatment, for instance, lemon ginger green tea was offered in the relaxation room, and a digestive tea of fennel, coriander and anise seeds was available in the locker room.

Auriga also offers distinctive amenities off the spa service menu that create a truly delectable experience. The spa features a dry sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, an ice room and a whirlpool, with recommendations for trying out each room for specific amounts of time. During my visit, freshly cut aloe vera leaves were available just outside of the steam room, and the ice room featured a large bowl of ice lined with grapefruit slices for spa-goers to create their own skin treatments.

Whether clients are looking for a moon-themed treatment, an ocean-inspired facial or an ancient traditional massage, Auriga Spa at Capella Pedregal delivers deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

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