Find the Perfect Room at Club Med Cancun Yucatan

Find the Perfect Room at Club Med Cancun Yucatan

The carefully crafted spaces at Club Med Cancun Yucatan each have their own distinct voice By: Megan Leader
<p>Each space at Club Med Cancun Yucatan has its own identity. // © 2015 Club Med</p><p>Feature image (above): The Family Deluxe Rooms at Club Med...

Each space at Club Med Cancun Yucatan has its own identity. // © 2015 Club Med

Feature image (above): The Family Deluxe Rooms at Club Med Cancun Yucatan feature bright colors and high-quality amenities. // © 2015 Megan Leader

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The Details

Club Med Cancun Yucatan

There is power in a strong sense of identity.

In an aim to offer broad amenities, great facilities and brand consistency, as well as please a wide range of travelers, some all-inclusive resorts lose their sense of style. The accommodations may be lovely, but everything starts to look the same.

This isn’t the case at Club Med Cancun Yucatan, which embraces beautiful design and places memorable touches throughout its property. Each public space and room category has its own voice, which resonates with a clarity that remains with guests long after they’ve departed Mexico.

The property’s design is delightful, evoking distinct moods in a variety of spaces. From the vibrant family accommodations to the tranquil, exclusive suites, guests here enjoy a colorful, immersive journey throughout the property, with surprises at every step of the way.

Club Med Cancun welcomes guests at reception with bold colors that help frame the area’s stunning landscape. The space is fully done in magenta, which may sound over-the-top, but it works. Quirky art, handcrafted lighting fixtures and an abundance of white lilies bring it to life. When guests gaze through the French doors that face the beach, they’re introduced to a recurring theme of this resort’s design: All the decor is intended to complement the sparkling blue sea and verdant landscape.

Located in the heart of the resort, Club and Deluxe guestrooms are simple, with pops of color and clean lines that draw the eye to picturesque sea or lagoon views. Ambling hallways connect these accommodations to a variety of facilities, including the pool, spa, shops and restaurants.

A stroll through the halls leads to the lagoon, which is tucked away from the action of the pool and the beach. Those who explore it are rewarded with an oasis: a grove of palm trees with woven hammocks suspended between them. It’s the perfect place for clients to get lost in a book, doze in the sun or pretend they’re Robinson Crusoe.

Stretching out along the beach on the other side of the complex, an arching orange tunnel and a lush flowering landscape (inhabited by the occasional iguana — watch your step) bring guests to Jade, the resort’s most exclusive area and a tranquil world unto its own. Accessible only to guests staying in this room category, the space is a perfect respite from Club Med Cancun’s many activities. The Family Suites are the ones to book here. Their atmosphere — with elegant decor, dark wood flooring and jewel-toned accents — is rich and soothing. Lounge chairs, a full bar and plush cabanas make this a place worth spending days on end.

At the farthest reaches of the property, the newly built Aguamarina family accommodations are a joy for both children and parents. They’re perfectly positioned, with direct beach access and views of the windsurfers and sailboats that crisscross paths on the water. Parents and kids have plenty of room inside, and the balconies and patios are outfitted with a large, round lounge seat big enough for everyone to pile on.

With so many things to discover, it’s no wonder Club Med Cancun is such a hit with families and multigenerational groups. Its masterful design of unique spaces gives guests something new to discover around every turn.

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