3 Romantic Resorts in Cabo

3 Romantic Resorts in Cabo

Romantic resorts in Cabo offer elaborate packages for couples, including stargazing and cooking classes By: Denise Lee
Las Ventanas al Paraiso has a wide range of special amenities for couples. // © 2014 Rosewood Resorts
Las Ventanas al Paraiso has a wide range of special amenities for couples. // © 2014 Rosewood Resorts

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Capella Pedregal

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort

One&Only Palmilla

Believe it or not, “The Department of Romance” is not the name of a ’90s dating show. It is the name of a team at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort in Los Cabos that is devoted to helping guests enjoy a romance vacation.

“Las Ventanas’ dedicated Department of Romance works closely with guests, both in advance of arrival and during their stay, to conceive, plan and create a romantic experience that fulfills their desires and fantasies,” said Kimberly Hanson, a representative from Las Ventanas.

In fact, at more than one of Los Cabos’ top resorts, couples will find staff going out of their way to cater to guests’ romantic whims. Along with Las Ventanas, resorts Capella Pedregal and One&Only Palmilla each present their own unique spin on a romance vacation, which can include anything from a honeymoon or an anniversary to a spontaneous retreat.

Both One&Only Palmilla and Capella Pedregal report that 60 percent of their guests seek a romance vacation, while Las Ventanas reports one-third. While Los Cabos’ gorgeous beachside location is certainly a draw, the creativity of resort staff and a willingness to go above and beyond is also a major draw for couples.

Romance Amenities
To cater to the most popular type of romance vacation, Capella offers a unique honeymoon package made up of a lengthy list of special activities, which include a cooking class for two with the resort’s culinary team and a private dinner on the beach under the stars. The latter is also available to non-newlyweds in Capella’s Romance Under the Stars package. Stargazing is another popular feature of romance vacations, and Las Ventanas’ Romance in Paradise package also offers guests the option of sleeping under the stars and waking up to a sunrise in an open-air “bedroom” on one of the resort’s villa terraces.

Resorts also aim to create personalized vacations.

“The Capella zeitgeist is focused on creating custom-tailored vacation experiences for guests,” said Capella representative, Aik Wye Ng.

Capella offers a serenade by private live entertainment. The resort also treats guests to a variety of couples’ massages at its Auriga spa, including four signature treatments that are dedicated to each phase of the moon (the new moon treatment, for example, focuses on stimulating and awakening the body). All of the resorts have personal butlers or assistants who can help create a personalized and relaxing environment for couples.

The resorts unanimously agree that guests seek privacy during a romance vacation, and they recognize this in their special packages. One&Only Palmilla’s romance packages, including Summer Moments for Couples and Couples Sanctuary, offer three different suite options that house a private pool — one of the most popular features among their guests. Capella’s romance packages also offer private plunge pools.

An intimate vacation doesn’t necessarily mean staying on property the whole time. Las Ventanas’ whale watching excursion stands out as a romantic off-property option. On this excursion, couples can listen to the soothing sounds of whales while enjoying wine and cheese on a romantic moonlit cruise through the Sea of Cortez.

“The Department of Romance goes far beyond predictable planning to direct a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt production for each guest — from crafting love letters to arranging the right music and aromatherapy when they return to their suite after dinner,” said Hanson.

As intimate as these romance vacations can be, they still require planning. The goal, however, is for guests to do as little work as possible on their romantic getaways. Ultimately, guests on a romantic vacation seek relaxation — and these three Cabo resorts go to great lengths to help them achieve just that.

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