What to Expect at Florida's New Legoland Hotel

What to Expect at Florida's New Legoland Hotel

A Lego pit, treasure hunts and disco elevators make Legoland Hotel a destination in its own right By: Chelsee Lowe
<p>A kingdom-themed room at Legoland Hotel // © 2015 Legoland Hotel</p><p>Feature image (above): Emmet from ‘The Lego Movie’ helps in the construction...

A kingdom-themed room at Legoland Hotel // © 2015 Legoland Hotel

Feature image (above): Emmet from ‘The Lego Movie’ helps in the construction of the new hotel // © 2015 Legoland Hotel

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The Details

Legoland Florida Resort

If the success of the 2014 film “The Lego Movie” is any indication, Florida’s new Legoland Hotel is sure to draw gaggles of building-block fanatics. Set to open on May 15, the property will be the third component of the Legoland Florida Resort in the city of Winter Haven, which also includes Legoland Florida theme park and Legoland Water Park.

The five-story hotel will offer 152 vibrant themed rooms just steps away from the turnstiles of the theme park, though it’s designed to be an attraction in and of itself. Upon arrival, children will be greeted by a giant Lego pit in the lobby, plus a glass check-in counter built to kid-height and full of Lego models. 

Then, there’s the elevator. Every ride begins with typical (read: boring) tunes, until disco music takes over. A sparkling disco ball adds to the mood, as do interactive lava-like tiles on the floor that light up with riders’ movements.

“The hotel is truly built for kids,” said Brittany Williams, a public relations representative for Legoland Florida Resort. “And parents will love it, too, because the kids are always comfortable and busy.”

Once mom and dad can lure the kids out of the Lego pit, there’s a treasure hunt to be had. Young sleuths follow a set of clues around the lobby to uncover a secret code that unlocks an in-room treasure chest full of special gifts. 

And the chest is just the beginning. No matter the theme selected — pirate, kingdom or adventure — all accommodations have separate areas for kids, complete with a bunk and trundle bed, a television, eight Lego models and a bin of Lego bricks.

According to Williams, the hotel is both a response to park demand and an attempt to establish the resort as more than just a place families visit for the day — a common choice, since the resort is only about 45 minutes from Orlando attractions.

“Travel agents should know that we are no longer a one-day stop,” Williams said. “We’re a multiday destination with a great place to stay.”

She also noted that during low season — when the theme park is closed a few days a week — Legoland Hotel will continue to provide an immersive Lego experience for fans. 

“Even if the park isn’t open, families at the hotel have lots to do, from Master Model Builder workshops to movies by the pool at night,” Williams said. “With the help of the hotel, we hope to see people make Winter Haven their destination.”


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