Indulge at 4 Food Festivals in Mexico

Indulge at 4 Food Festivals in Mexico

Add extra flavor to your upcoming Mexico vacations with wine, local food and culture By: Kendall McKinven
<p>“Noche de Rabanos,” or Night of the Radishes, features creative designs and carvings in celebration of the local radish. // © 2015 Creative Commons...

“Noche de Rabanos,” or Night of the Radishes, features creative designs and carvings in celebration of the local radish. // © 2015 Creative Commons user drewleavy

Feature image (above): The Holbox Gastronomic Event will take place from Oct. 22-24, on the small fishing island off the coast of Cancun. // © 2015 Cancun Visitors Bureau

Clients can add a little bit of flavor to their Mexico vacations this fall and winter, as several cities are playing host to unique and delicious food festivals. A superstar in the foodie world, Mexico has long been honing its culinary skills — both in its big cities and along its coasts.

From celebrating the country’s finest wines in Mexico City to honoring those who first grew indigenous radishes in Oaxaca, at least one of these four Mexico food festivals will satisfy your client’s palate. 

Wine & Food Festival in Mexico City (Sept. 24-27)
Head over to Mexico City to enjoy fresh fare and the finest of wines, all crafted by award-winning chefs and wine experts from across the globe, for the biannual Wine & Food Festival. Starting Sept. 24, the festival will include four days of presentations, tastings and meals. 

Highlights are a walk-around culinary journey; a tribute gala and a dinner for James Beard award-winning chef Jose Andres; and a tasting series that will feature international wines and spirits.

“Not only we are attracting the world’s best, but we are also showing the best of Mexico to the world,” said David Amar, the festival’s CEO and founder.

Holbox Gastronomic Event in Holbox, Mexico (Oct. 22-24)
Hosted on the small fishing island of Holbox off the coast of Cancun, Holbox Gastronomic Event will take place Oct. 22-24. The event, titled “Eat, Love and Contemplate,” is an unmatched opportunity for visitors to experience the impressive restaurants of the island town.  

During the festival, many local and internationally recognized chefs will prepare one-of-a-kind fare. Island residents will also participate during the three days of festivities, and local dance troupes and musicians will perform. 

“As one of Cancun’s hidden gems, this small, picturesque island offers some of the best cuisine and seafood in the country,” said Jesus Almaguer, CEO of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Travelers from all over the world visit Holbox to experience its unique mix of Mexican and Caribbean cultures.”

San Felipe Shrimp Festival in San Felipe, Mexico (Nov. 6-8)
Organized by the Mexicali-San Felipe Conventions and Tourism Committee, the San Felipe Shrimp Festival celebrates the Sea of Cortez’s jumbo blue shrimp. The fishing town of San Felipe is known for its innovative take on local seafood, and the festival will share a wide variety of local recipes and provide live music and entertainment. Admission is free.

Noche de Rabanos in Oaxaca, Mexico (Dec. 23)
Translated to “Night of the Radishes,” this festival is a long-standing colonial tradition that commemorates the missionaries who taught a small Oaxaca neighborhood’s natives how to grow radishes. The annual event will be held at the town’s main square on Dec. 23.

With much fanfare, the radish is celebrated with intricate carved renderings made exclusively out of the vegetable and displayed throughout the streets. When eating radishes at the festival, it is customary to pair it with bunuelos, a local dessert. After consuming the sweet treat, attendees traditionally break their plates, forecasting an upcoming year of good luck.

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