A Celebration of Color

Guelaguetza 2008 aims at preserving culture

By: Skye Mayring


This year, the city of Oaxaca will continue the traditions of Zapotecan culture with the festival, Guelaguetza 2008. Guelaguetza, a Zapotec word meaning “to participate and cooperate simultaneously,” is a rather fitting name for this folkloric event that includes conferences, parades and the second annual Seven Moles Festival where guests participate in a tasting and a course about the popular Oaxacan dish, mole.

During the last two Mondays of July, July 21 and July 28, all the regions of Oaxaca will unite for handicrafts, cuisine, mask exhibits and more. Each region will showcase traditional dancing, outfits and music unique to the particular region.

A special treat for your early-bird clients will occur on the first Monday at 5 a.m. The Chirimiteros or pre-Hispanic reed instrument players from the Central Valley will play a morning celebration song on a hilltop, accompanied by drummers and whistlers calling tourists and locals to the festival.

New to this year’s celebration is a performance by the Oaxaca Dance Company entitled, “Sandunga.”

In the time between the two Mondays, several other cultural activities take place such as craft exhibitions art shows, a mescal fair, concerts and gastronomic exhibitions.

Tickets are available on www.ticketmaster.com.mx.
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