A Green Resort in the Yucatan

The Hotel Eco Paraiso Xixim offers guests a green resort in the Yucatan By: Yo Noguchi
The Hotel Eco Paraiso Xixim is set on miles of open beach. // © 2011 Yo Noguchi
The Hotel Eco Paraiso Xixim is set on miles of open beach. // © 2011 Yo Noguchi

The Details

Hotel Eco Paraiso Xixim

It began as a dream to preserve a stretch of unspoiled coastline with emerald-green water.

The Eco Paraiso Xixim is a small hotel at the forefront of green properties, implementing environmentally conscious practices — including protecting natural inhabitants — in order to lessen its carbon footprint. Each cottage is tucked among sand dunes overlooking the water — mimicking the simple style of homes built by the Maya for thousands of years. The staff is focused on enabling guests to become intimately familiar with the unique ecosystem and archaeological wealth of the Yucatan.

Eco-Friendly and Intimate
Located a two-hour drive from Yucatan’s capital of Merida, this boutique hotel invites visitors to first journey through small, colorful towns surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and rivers, until finally reaching the stretch of unpaved coastal road that takes them to the property. The exotic flora and fauna in the surrounding natural habitat are carefully preserved by the staff, dedicated to making as small of an impact as possible. Surprisingly, Hotel Eco Paraiso Xixim covers only 1 percent of the more than 60 acres of land, including more than three miles of sandy beach.

One of the environmentally conscious practices implemented at Eco Paraiso includes a garden that surrounds accommodations and public areas without the use of pesticides. Solar energy is used to heat shower water and chemical-free pools use special bacteria-fighting filters. The hardwood floors are made out of local and constantly reforested Zapote trees, while the towels and robes are made of organic, biodegradable bamboo. A clever, energy-saving design with a long history in Maya construction allows guests to feel comfortable without using air conditioning or heating.

Bungalow-style Master Suites with king-size beds, indoor and outdoor showers, sunken living rooms and ocean views are spread out among winding gardens, allowing for privacy. Recently, all the casitas were expanded and renovated, while plunge pools have been added to the Master Suites.

Additionally, a recent renovation program has seen the addition of a brand-new yoga/meditation space in a large thatched roof structure with hardwood floors, new spa facilities and a juice bar.

Also available on property is Restaurant Xixim, which serves breakfast lunch and dinner daily. The menu here consists of authentic Mexican and international recipes. Room service and a snack menu at the pool area are also available.

Eco Paraiso Xixim is not only a choice resort for yoga groups and retreats, it’s also a very intimate honeymoon location for couples who want to relax in a pristine, natural environment and be pampered.

The Yucatan Peninsula is rich in archaeological treasures and natural wonders that reward visitors who venture from the warm waters of the gulf. A tour of the neighboring Celestun bio-reserve, sprinkled with pink flamingos, is located about seven miles from the hotel. Alex Dzib, the hotel’s own expert ornithologist, guides guests on breathtaking boat rides to the ancient Maya port of Canbalam and the Island of Birds, which features one of the largest reserves of pink flamingos, set against an exotic flora backdrop. The best months to view these extraordinary creatures are December through March when they migrate to the warmth of Mexico for the winter.

For clients looking for an exclusive, sustainable hideaway in a beautiful part of the world, the Hotel Eco Paraiso Xixim will provide an experience that is hard to beat.

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