An Action-Packed Vacation

Tesoro Los Cabos packs a punch

By: Kimberly Thorpe

As I unpacked my luggage from a five-day trip to Cabo San Lucas, the familiar vacation smells of sunscreen, dusty clothes and wet swim suits wafted into the room, and I began to reminisce. Tesoro Los Cabos Resort had turned out to be a great spot for the active vacationer.

Considering the myriad of sea and land adventures available at the tip of Baja California, a stay at Tesoro is an economical choice that packs in a lot of convenience and even luxury.

After a 30-minute drive from the airport to the hotel, the check-in at the high-ceiling, marble-floored lobby wasted no time at all.

Within minutes, my luggage was zipped off to my room and an all-inclusive bracelet was placed on my wrist. Tesoro also greets kids with extra attention, including a “Little VIP” welcome package and a catered check-in process.

On the Menu
While a visit to Los Cabos isn’t typically a lesson in the country’s culture, Tesoro does give you clues that you’re in a foreign land through its flavorful food. I arrived in the evening and was thankful for my dinner reservation at the elegant lobby restaurant, Agave Azul.

Presented in a modern style, my tuna filet arrived with a sweet teriyaki sauce zigzagged across it. I’m not sure if the Mexican coffee served is an authentic desert, but the presentation on fire is a worthwhile experience. To cleanse the palate, key lime sorbet was served between courses. While the Agave restaurant is part of the all-inclusive plan, some menu items cost an additional fee.

The other restaurant on the property is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet at La Vista, located alongside the pool and overlooking the yachts and tall fishing boats of the San Lucas Marina. Here, guests can choose from an expansive menu from plain hamburgers to the more exotic Mexican fresh white fish in a spicy tomato sauce. I began everyday with French toast a la carte, crispy hash browns from the hot plates and fruits from the cold bar. In the meantime, gourmet coffee was served at my table, along with a bottle of water.

Action Packed
During my Tesoro stay, I preferred to spend my time taking in various adventures, including a snorkeling trip near the picturesque Arch rock formation, a ride through desert trails on an ATV and a visit to Cabo San Jose.

To relax, I spent my afternoon at the pool set above the marina and wet bar and made a trip to the downstairs spa. The modern facility offers an ambience decorated by running water and the sounds of soft chimes. I opted to have a massage by the pool, while watching the navy blue Sea of Cortez against the dry desert hills.

Downtown Cabo San Lucas originated as a pit stop for cruise ship passengers. It still exists for the tourist, although now as a final destination. The nightlife gets wild at bars like Giggling Marlin and Squid Row. Tesoro guests are admitted free of charge to the next door Mambo Cafe to dance to a live band late into the night. Clients can also head out a little earlier to sample red chili-based tortilla soup at Hacienda Del Cuervo Restaurant and freshly splayed huachinango, or red snapper, at Mi Casa De Mariscos.

Room for Improvements
Tesoro Los Cabos is currently undergoing an $8 million renovation. Half of the 286 rooms have been revamped to offer a “tropical- minimalist” style, according to hotel officials, and new conference rooms aim to target meeting and incentive groups. Also in the blueprints are a rooftop restaurant and a sky-lounge bar complete with Cabo sand and sofas. With all the improvements, Tesoro may position itself to be reviewed as a four-star resort instead of three.

As I finished unpacking my suitcase, I realized that even after a short stay at Tesoro, I had many memorable adventurous. Not for the last time, I envisioned the dolphin splashing past me and the distinct choppiness of the water where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific. The ensuing effect was one of lasting relaxation.


Tesoro Los Cabos
Commission: 10 percent

Tesoro’s travel agent special: Valid until Dec. 20, agents can stay in any of the three Tesoro destination properties in Los Cabos, Manzanillo or Ixtapa for $55, all-inclusive.

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