Cozumel Activities Galore

There’s plenty more ways to explore the deep

By: By Anne Burke

Cozumel's Atlantis Submarine descends to 100 feet. (c) Anne Burke
Cozumel's Atlantis Submarine
descends to 100 feet.
(c) Anne Burke

Scuba diving is fun but not every client’s cup of tea. Fortunately, Cozumel offers all sorts of other underwater activities.

Two fully guided, shallow-water diving activities make it possible for clients to get a taste of scuba diving without taking a course or wearing bulky equipment. One of these activities, Sea Trek, has participants descend to about 20 feet wearing 70-pound, spacesuit-looking helmets connected to a compressed-air system.

Snuba is similar, but instead of wearing a helmet, divers wear a mask and breathe through a standard diving regulator connected by a 20-foot line to a tank with compressed air.

Sea Trek and Snuba take place at two Cozumel locations: Jeanie’s Beach Club, in downtown Cozumel and Chankanaab Park. It is here that the island’s famous underwater statue of Jesus is located.

For clients who want to see what all the underwater excitement is about without getting wet, there is the Atlantis Submarine. Participants take a short ferry ride offshore, then board a submarine that cruises the ocean floor at Chankanaab Park. The tour lasts 40 minutes and the submarine descends to 100 feet.

Chankanaab Park is one of Cozumel’s most popular tourist destinations, offering a beautiful swimming beach with crystal-clear water. Among the top attractions here is the Dolphin Discovery, where visitors can ride and play with these friendly marine mammals.

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