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Marketing effort puts the capital’s culture front and center By: Mark Rogers
Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes // © 2012 Mexico Tourism Board
Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes // © 2012 Mexico Tourism Board

The Details

Mexico Tourism Board

Mexico City is a high-powered crossroads of business for Latin America, as well as a nexus for connecting flights for leisure travelers. Clients who find themselves in Mexico City should be sure to pencil in some time to explore the mighty metropolis.

In order to inspire more visitation, the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City has launched a promotional campaign in the U.S. to showcase the capital as one of the world’s most well-rounded destinations for leisure and business travelers alike. The campaign focuses on Mexico City’s vibrant culture, luxury products and services, facilities and amenities for business and incentive travel, as well as the country’s award-winning cuisine.

Mexico City has one of the world’s most well-rounded entertainment offerings, comprised of approximately 12,000 artistic, cultural, recreational and sporting activities taking place each year. Mexico City has also emerged as a leader in business travel and is listed number 39 in the international ranking for conventions, escalating eight positions in the world ranking in the last two years. In 2011, the destination hosted more than 500 large meetings in hotels and convention centers, more than some of the world’s most prolific cities including Tokyo, Las Vegas and New York.

A new study by Hogg Robinson Group noted that of the world's top 50 cities, Mexico City's hotels reported a 30 percent increase in average room rates, the largest increase in the survey. The survey noted that this is attributed to rising demand and limited new supply.

“Tourism is a key economic generator of the city, representing 7 percent of the GDP,” said Carlos Mackinlay, Mexico City’s Minister of Tourism. “During summer time only, the hotels in the destination expect to receive more than 2.3 million tourists, with an economic impact of 700 million dollars. Given its hotel infrastructure, convention centers, land and air accessibility, four World Heritage Sites, more than 150 museums, upscale restaurants, archaeological sites, beautiful neighborhoods, monuments and parks, Mexico City remains Latin America’s most visited destination.”

The new marketing effort will target luxury travelers and LGBT interests and showcase the city’s spa and wellness activities, cultural attractions and fashion scene. Cuisine will also be a main feature of the marketing effort. Mexico City has more than 3,500 restaurants with traditional Mexican and international cuisine, as well as two of the world’s best restaurants, according to the Michelin Guide.

A new and ambitious Green Plan has also been implemented in an effort to convert Mexico City into a stand-out environmentally-sustainable destination. In the past, a combination of high altitude and air pollution has affected visitors. As part of the plan, the city has updated its message to discourage industries with high pollution rates, banned construction in certain areas and raised ecological awareness by emphasizing the protection of natural areas and water sources. Innovative transportation systems include an official Ecobici bike sharing program, implemented to reduce environmental impact and road congestion by encouraging the use of bicycles instead of vehicles. The first phase of the program comprises 85 bike-sharing stations across the city and over 1,000 bicycles.

Air travel to the capital got a recent boost when low-cost carrier Volaris announced a new year-round flight from Mexico City to Denver International Airport. Denver hasn’t had a direct flight to Mexico’s capital in over two years. The inaugural flight will depart on Dec. 8. Present plans are for one roundtrip each week. The flight will land in Denver at 3:05 p.m. on Saturdays and return to Mexico City at 4:25 p.m. on Sundays. The flights will start with an affordable price tag of $149 each way.

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