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Anglers seek a trophy bass treasure chest

By: By Dawna L. Robertson

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Mexico Bass Adventures

The only thing Steve McMahon relishes as much as bass fishing is planning his next bass fishing excursion. So, when his buddy, Jose Trujillo, invited the Bakersfield, Calif., native to tackle the generous waters of Mexico’s Lake Comedero, McMahon jumped at the chance.

Mexico Bass

 Avid anglers head to Lake Comedero for bass fishing. // © 2010 Mexico Bass Adventures.

McMahon flew to Mazatlan, some 100 miles southwest of the clear, crisp lake cradled within the Sierra Madre Mountains. After visiting Trujillo’s home in the quaint town of Cosala, the pair packed up the essentials and headed off to test the water.

“We caught a lot of fish and had a really great day,” said McMahon.

Basking in angler afterglow that evening, he baited Trujillo with a challenge.

“I knew a lot of people who would enjoy doing exactly what we were doing,” he said. “So, I asked Jose to find land where we could build a palapa and take out guided fishing trips.”

Trujillo bit. And, when McMahon returned to evaluate Trujillo’s shoreline find, he was hooked.

“When I saw all the views of the lake from this piece of land, I knew that was it. I liked the location because it’s on the peninsula out in the main waterway.”

Fast-forward four years: Lake Comedero remains virtually amenity-free aside from McMahon’s dream parcel that has evolved from a modest palapa into a 12-room fishing lodge.
Avoiding rainy periods, Lake Comedero’s November through May fishing season brings avid anglers looking to reel in dozens of eight- to 12-pound trophy bass daily.

On a recent visit, I found Hacienda Comedero filled with comfortable touches appealing to even casual anglers. Constructed of pine from Durango in east Sinaloa, the spacious 6,000-square-foot lodge includes nine single occupancy rooms and three lakeview suites with private baths. Four common baths accommodate those in single rooms.

Meals are kitchen-prepped or grilled outdoors, depending on the guests’ preferences. And the catch of the day is a common headliner. There’s also an oversize L-shaped porch area with three hammocks often “guarded” by the resident pooch, Rambo.

But the true gathering place is the original palapa that has transformed into a full-fledged cantina complete with flat-screen televisions, cushioned chairs and tables. Guests can specify their beverages of choice prior to arrival so the cantina will be stocked accordingly.

For excursions, Mexico Bass Adventures operates four, 17-foot Yamaha G3 175 aluminum boats equipped with 60-horsepower motors, fish finders, ice chests and all the hardware necessities for hauling in the big one. Each boat holds two fishermen and a guide. It recently added a 12-person pontoon for larger group cruises.

McMahon noted that stays are tailored to client preferences.

“If guests want to vacation in Mazatlan and add a few days here at the lake, we can help them arrange it all,” he said.

The company will provide transportation from Mazatlan Airport.

“Once you arrive, all you’ll have to do is pick up a pole and a drink,” she McMahon. “Our staff handles all the details.”

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