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Dreams Cancun offers dolphin sightings and

By: Josef Kandoll W

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Hotel guests can enjoy the dolphins
without leaving their room.
I awoke one morning to the sound of dolphins in a lagoon outside my window at Dreams Cancun. Although I had arrived the previous afternoon, it was quiet and I later learned that afternoons are the dolphins’ rest period. Every newly decorated room at Dreams Cancun boasts a water view, showcasing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the dolphin lagoon or both. Located at the tip of Punta Cancun, this deluxe resort is the only one that offers oceanfront from three sides. The aquatic encounter at Dreams Cancun is the result of the hotel’s association with Delphinus, a highly respected dolphin research center.

Priority for swimming with the dolphins is given to hotel guests who at any given time can be viewed standing on their pool-front terraces with video or still cameras.

“It’s almost as much fun watching the people watch the dolphins,” said Kevin Wojciechowski, vice president of sales and marketing for AMResorts. “Statistics show that at least 12 percent of visitors to Cancun swim with the dolphins. We want to give them that option without even having to leave their resort,” said Delphinus director of corporate communications Miguel Angel Canseco.

Prior to interacting with the dolphins, we watched a video demonstration, and were then separated into groups of six and trooped out to the dolphinarium (coined from “dolphin aquarium”) in swimming togs and life vests. Each of us had a group leader who introduced us to our dolphin for the approximately one-hour program.

Personally, I didn’t feel a strong urge to delve into the waters and join what I considered the hordes of dolphin fanatics, although I do harbor a great respect for the animals. Nonetheless, I listened closely to our guide Magnolia, as she reiterated some of the important points of interaction no attempts to “hug” them, no touching near the eyes and the like. We then jumped into the cold seawater. Under her instructions, we moved away from each other to allow the dolphin (a female, Zama, the Mayan word for morning) to swim around and among us without physical contact if she wished. It wasn’t long before Zama not only came into contact but she bumped gently, allowing herself to be touched on her silk-smooth skin. (Dolphins are constantly shedding skin cells so they maintain that soft exterior.)

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The swim with dolphins experience
includes numerous aquatic interactions.
Numerous interactions followed, as Zama came out of the water to give each of us a kiss on the cheek; smiled by showing off a row of about 100 jagged teeth and danced with us as we held out our arms to touch her side fins. The most exciting interaction of all was the “foot-push.” In this exercise, we took turns swimming into the center of the lagoon, with face turned down. Two dolphins working in tandem came up from behind, pushing us from the soles of our feet and lifting us into the air.

While swimming with the dolphins is available daily to the public, each dolphin has one day free during the week with the normal work day regulated strictly from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Recognizing that swimming with dolphins is a dream for many, Delphinus and Dreams Cancun work together to fulfill that dream with efficiency and safety.

“It’s a naturally friendly experience. Our challenge is to further understand the habitat of the dolphins while continuing to encourage interaction,” said Canseco.

With new properties in development and set to launch within the next three years, AMResorts continues to redefine luxury with its three brands in the all-inclusive market: Secrets, Dreams and Sunscape.

For further information on packages, special prices and all amenities, visit AMResorts.com where a special travel agent site is available to ensure proper tracking of commissions.


The Delphinus Dreams Cancun experience includes the following:

* An hour-long dolphin experience that includes fifteen minutes of training and forty-five minutes swimming with the dolphins. That’s more swim time than any other dolphin program.

* The minimum height requirement is 3 feet, 6 inches to swim alone with the dolphins. Children under this height may participate but they need to be with an adult at all times.

* The charge for the dolphin swim experience is $149 per person, regardless of age, and is subject to change without notice

* There are four programs per day (9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.).

* Top-notch digital photography and DVD video services are available to capture the memorable adventure.

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