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Loma del Mar unveils its innovative Thalasso Spa and Wellness Center

By: By Michael Lowe

The Details

Loma Del Mar
In addition to an extensive Thalasso program, the boutique hotel also features a 100-foot infinity pool. It is in close proximity to an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones Jr. golf course and Ixtapa’s famous beaches, where visitors can water ski, parasail, Jet Ski, snorkel and scuba dive.

Rates begin at $485 in the low season and $613 in the high season. The suites include a living area, dining area, kitchen, two bathrooms, a large outdoor patio, a master bedroom with a king-size bed, a secondary bedroom with two single beds and a side room with one twin size bed.

Commission: 10 percent

Loma del Mar’s outdoor Thalasso pool. // (c) Michael Lowe
Loma del Mar’s outdoor Thalasso pool.

The easiest way to describe the recently renovated Loma del Mar in Ixtapa, Mexico, is to simply say there is nothing quite like it. Last September, the boutique hotel unveiled its multimillion-dollar Thalasso Spa and Wellness Center — the largest Thalasso spa in North America and the only outdoor Thalasso in the world. This addition has turned Loma del Mar into "a spa with rooms, rather than a hotel with a spa," according to owner Victor Alakrazi.

Isolated from the high-rise and beachside resorts, Loma del Mar’s 16 suites make the 2½-acre property feel untouched and unspoiled. The understated property provides an ideal atmosphere for a day-long spa treatment or an extended spa vacation.

The spa was designed in collaboration with Jose Luis Guijarro, the resort’s spa director and doctor of endocrinology and nutrition. Guijarro and his team of experts offer the latest in rejuvenation, detoxification and anti-stress therapies by integrating spa technology from Europe.

"The human body’s vitamin and mineral qualities are similar to that found in ocean water," said Guijarro. "A prolonged spa treatment in ocean water allows the body to rebalance itself naturally."

Thalasso in the Greek language means "sea-water," and water from the deep blue is pumped and transported to Loma del Mar’s Thalasso pools. Additionally, the seawater is meticulously filtered and balanced to the exact pH levels for maximum revitalizing qualities.

The spa has split its Thalasso treatment into three stages. The first stage helps to improve circulation to the feet and ankles. With the hotel’s white walls rising on either side, clients step into the ankle-deep water and onto small, circular white stones as jets of water provide constant pressure to the ankles.

The second stage involves the piece de resistance of Loma del Mar’s Thalasso program — a 1,580-square-foot, cobalt blue pool containing Thalasso equipment imported from France. In this high-tech pool, bubbles burst out of tiny holes to create a zero-gravity effect, hydromassage jets provide tension relief to the neck and shoulders and a "water volcano" shoots jets of bubbles from the pool floor to massage guests’ legs and feet.

The final Thalasso treatment stage takes place at the flotarium, a small, three-level pool with high salt content.

Clients are monitored and accompanied through each stage by trained and knowledgeable professionals. Soon, Loma del Mar will offer room and wellness packages where guests can have full use of the Thalasso pools, along with a fully customized stay (including a specialized diet, sessions with a personal trainer and meetings with on-site doctors and psychologists). Each client’s need will be determined by a full-body medical analysis, and packages can be one-, seven- or 14-days long.

Apart from the Thalasso program, Loma del Mar offers a variety of spa treatments, including Vichy shower massages, seaweed and Dead Sea mud treatments and the exclusive Area of Temperature Contrast treatment. The unique treatment is only accessible by a subterranean tunnel and is a combination ice rubs, sauna treatments and a Turkish steam bath, which optimizes circulation.

While Thalasso treatments of this size and scale cannot be found anywhere else in North America, what makes Loma del Mar a true find is its location and service. Unique spa treatments can be enjoyed without the feeling of being rushed by another client and with the personal attention that comes with a 16-suite property. Loma del Mar is truly an escape from the other side of Ixtapa.

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