AA, CO Change Ticket Rules

Carriers match US Airways policy on nonrefundable tickets

American and Continental matched US Airways’ use-it-or-lose-it policy on nonrefundable tickets, but they did not match US Airways on some of its other policy changes on the nonrefundable fares, according to Travel Management Daily.

Instead of eliminating the standby option for same-day travel, for example, American and Continental will charge those travelers a $100 fee if they want to do so.

American and Continental also did not change their frequent-flyer accrual rules.

American and Continental’s new use-it-or-lose-it policy, under which customers lose the value of the ticket if they don’t take the flight or rebook it beforehand, applies to nonrefundable tickets purchased on or after Aug. 30 for travel on or after Oct. 1. Their new policy for standby options is effective for tickets issued on or after Aug. 30 for travel on or after Jan. 1.

Like US Airways, American and Continental will continue to let customers who arrive up to two hours after their flight takes off to wait on standby for another flight at no cost. American suggested that other exceptions are possible.

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