Accesorize Me

Gadgets and gizmos for mobile electronic devices

By: By Anne Burke

Cases, skins, pouches, transmitters, chargers. Who knew there were so many accessories out there for your mobile electronic devices? Many products on the market today are more style than substance, but we’ve found a few that offer function behind the form.



Tune time

Belkin’s TuneFM lets clients listen to an iPod through an FM stereo receiver in a hotel room or vehicle. Just plug the device into an iPod, tune the stereo to a free FM frequency and enjoy iPod music with full sound. Four presets allow clients to program the best stations and a car charger charges the iPod as it plays in your vehicle. $39.99.





Pretty in pink

Elvis lives — on your iPod. Skinits are stick-on vinyl layers that protect your mobile electronic device from scrapes and scuffs. Skinits fit most any brand of MP3 player, mobile phone, digital camera or laptop and come in hundreds of designs and colors. Or, supply your own photo and put the grandkids on your phone. $12.45-$24.99.





Sun power

You’re trekking the Himalayas and your GPS runs out of juice! With Solio’s solar charger in your backpack, you’ve got the power. Just position the three panels toward the sun and in four to six hours, you’ve got enough power to charge a mobile phone or other handheld electronic device. The Solio also takes wall power and is compatible with most smaller devices — but not your power-hogging laptop. $99.





Safety first
The jokesters at Flight 001 designed this vinyl laptop case to look like a real flight safety card, but look closely and you’ll see instructions like, “Let everyone use slide before you have a second turn.” Case is fully padded and fits a 15-inch laptop. Features include an exterior zippered pocket, interior Velcro pocket, adjustable straps and zipper closure. $45.



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