Alaska Begins Biofuel Flights

Alaska Airlines to fly commercial flights using biofuel By: Janeen Christoff
Alaska begins using biofuel. // © 2011 Alaska Airlines
Alaska begins using biofuel. // © 2011 Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines began flying 75 commercial passenger flights in the U.S. powered by biofuel. These flights signal aviation’s next era, where sustainable biofuels can provide a viable alternative to conventional fuel and enable airlines to reduce their environmental impact.

The two maiden biofuel-powered flights left Seattle on Nov. 9 for Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore. Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier, Horizon Air, will continue to operate select flights between Seattle and these two cities using a 20 percent blend of sustainable biofuel made from used cooking oil that meets rigorous international safety and sustainability standards over the next few weeks.

“Commercial airplanes are equipped and ready for biofuels,” said Alaska Airlines group chairman and CEO Bill Ayer. “They will enable us to fly cleaner, foster job growth in a new industry and can insulate airlines from the volatile price swings of conventional fuel to help make air travel more economical. What we need is an adequate, affordable and sustainable supply. To the biofuel industry, we say: ‘If you build it, we will buy it.’”

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