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Products that'll keep clients happy and healthy abroad

Who doesn’t know someone who has chipped a tooth or lost a filling far from home? We found a do-it-yourself dental repair kit that will keep travelers smiling until they return home, plus an assortment of other health and hygiene products that could come in handy on any trip.

Open wide

Every client worries about dental problems far from home. With the Emergency Dental Kit, clients can temporarily fix tooth chips and cracks, lost fillings, missing crowns and broken bridges. The kit comes with tweezers, mirror, pick, spatula, cement, fillings and everything necessary for a quick fix before seeing a dentist. $29.85.

Water, water everywhere

Clean drinking water can be a big concern for clients. The SteriPEN uses UV light that destroys bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Submerge the lamp end in any container of clear water and stir. Takes 38-48 seconds for 16 ounces; 90 seconds for one quart. Intended for clear water only. Takes four, AA batteries. $149.95.

Happy teeth

Where do you put your toothbrush in a hotel bathroom? Counters are wet and drinking glasses get icky. The Smiley Face Toothbrush Holder has a suction cup in back that attaches to mirrors, glass, tile and stainless steel. The plastic cover snaps over the head of any size toothbrush and has quick-dry ventilation slots. Two holders per pack $4.85.

Traveling pharmacy

The Healthy Traveler Kit contains 100 medical aids for common ailments and minor injuries. Includes cold remedies, diarrhea medication, antibiotic ointment, bandages, insect bite treatment, sunscreen and more. $29.85.

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