Aloha, Hawaiian Raise Fares

Interisland rates also now tied to capacity rather than how early a flight is booked

By: Michele Kayal

Hawaii’s interisland airlines have raised their fares and changed their pricing structure, meaning clients will pay more for the most popular flights as much as $200 roundtrip in some cases.

Hawaiian and Aloha airlines have both introduced a three-tier fare structure that bases prices on the number of seats available rather than on how early a flight is booked. Both will charge an unrestricted one-way fare of $85, a second-tier fare of $75, and a lowest possible fare of $67, including fees and taxes. Previously, the airlines charged a top rate of $78, a middle fare of $73, and a lowest fare of $69.

Travel on flights to and from Lanai and Molokai, and on other routes that involve two-segments, Hawaiian will apply a $15 surcharge, meaning a round-trip fare could hit $200. Aloha will not apply a surcharge.

Because the lowest fare has dropped by $2, the changes could mean slightly better prices for flexible travelers who can build their itinerary around the cheapest available seats. But for travelers who need to fly at specific times, the top rate will likely represent an increase.

“With this new system, those who book earliest have the best chance of getting the lowest fare, but our fares depend on the demand for those flights,” said Aloha spokesman Stu Glauberman.

Fares have not changed on Aloha Island Air, which goes to smaller Hawaii airports and already charges higher fares than its parent airline Aloha.

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