Back to the Friendly Skies

It’s well past time to move on

By: Duke Anderson

You may well still harbor some resentment against air carriers. Many agents continue to feel snubbed by the virtual elimination of commissions. I certainly understand your frustrations. But wasting any more time and energy on this matter is solely that a waste of your precious time. As the industry evolves, many agents have found ways to fill this gap in revenues through the implementation of service fees. Your clients will surely understand the assessment of such fees if you are able to demonstrate the worth of the extra cost through your expertise, knowledge and advice.

Like it or not, agents have no choice but to fill their clients’ needs to travel by air. It therefore behooves you to be well-versed in the growing options available to fliers. Low-cost carriers are giving major lines something to think about. Your clients will appreciate your efforts to find the best fares and most convenient routes, and will show this appreciation through return business and referrals. So don’t begrudge the extra time it takes to find travelers the best flight to suit their needs. It will pay off in the long run.

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