Ensemble Travel Group Launches Air Booking Engine for Members

Free business tool will connect agents with 70 carriers worldwide By: Janeen Christoff
A new booking engine will provide earning opportunities. // © 2011 <a title="thinkstock.com" href="http://thinkstock.com"...
A new booking engine will provide earning opportunities. // © 2011 thinkstock.com

Ensemble Travel Group members in the U.S. and Canada will soon have access to a new air booking engine — a business tool that will provide its approximately 850 agencies with the ability to shop, book and earn on up to 70 international and U.S.-flag carriers on a 24/7 basis. The technology is free to all Ensemble agencies and will be accessible on EnsembleAgent.com, the organization’s member-only information portal.

“It’s a new day at Ensemble Travel Group, and everything we do looks at creating opportunities by collaborating,” said Lindsay Pearlman, Ensemble’s co-president, during a live radio discussion aired on the Stuart Cohen Show on June 22. “The new Ensemble air booking engine is a great example of our successful North American platform that leverages our airline deals on both sides of the border for our members. In the past, if you were a regional player in the agency community, you were likely to only get a regional deal but, now, with our strengthened U.S.-Canadian strategy, we can leverage deals on both sides of the border for all members, regardless of their size or business model.” 

The new technology platform provides earning power through agreements on both net and published fares. While specific amounts will vary based on the carrier, the route and the respective contract, it’s possible for members to earn more than a thousand dollars on an air ticket, according to Ensemble’s Brian Chapin, senior director of air and business development. 

Final beta testing of the Ensemble air booking engine is nearly complete, and the product rollout to all members is set for this month. Webinar training will begin immediately after the launch, with additional educational opportunities available at the 2011 Ensemble Travel Group International Conference in Las Vegas in October.

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