Family Friendly

This issue’s cover story, “Tauck Stays Ahead of the Game,” profiles the successful family business and complements this week's Family Getaways supplement.

By: By Kenneth Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief

Kenneth Shapiro
With this issue, you should have also received a copy of our quarterly publication, Family Getaways. I hope you enjoy the supplement, which is focused on one of the most important niche markets for agents these days. It’s also a nice coincidence that in this issue of TravelAge West, we profile yet another family of travelers, the Tauck family (“Tauck Stays Ahead of the Game,” page 12).

Of course, not only are the Taucks a family of travelers, they are a family that has helped define the travel industry itself. Family-owned and operated Tauck, which is celebrating 85 years in business, helped develop the escorted-tour model and, over the years, has consistently been on the forefront of the industry.

Beyond their innovative ideas and leadership in the travel industry, however, the Taucks have also shown that a close-knit family business can still compete in this age of mega-corporations. In fact, Tauck is one of many companies in our industry — including suppliers and travel agencies — that are family-owned. Just as traveling together is a great way to bring families closer together, working together in the travel industry is a great way for families to sustain those feelings of togetherness and share them with others.

“It is fun to develop dreams for people,” Dan Mahar, CEO of Tauck, said in our cover story. “We are creating experiences that are going to make people joyful. There aren’t a lot of businesses that can say that.”

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