Here Comes the Sun

Sun-protection gear for summer

By: By Anne Burke

Dermatologists sound like a bunch of fun wreckers and worry warts. “Cover up!” “Stay out of the sun!” “There’s no such thing as a healthy tan.” But consider this: In the United States, more than 1 million cases of sun-related, non-melanoma skin cancer will be diagnosed this year alone. With summer just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some helpful ways for clients to enjoy the great outdoors while protecting themselves against the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun-protection glovesHand in glove
Frequent hand washing is important for staying healthy on an overseas trip. But reapplying sunscreen is a hassle. These fingerless, sun-protection gloves were made with fly-fishermen in mind. They’re a great idea for anyone spending a lot of time under the sun this summer, especially in UV-intense higher altitudes and equatorial regions. $12.95.

Sun-protecting Gill shirt from Ex-Officio
Too cool for school

The sun-protecting Gill shirt from Ex-Officio will keep clients cool as a cucumber on that tropical vacation. Gill-like ventilation panels allow air to circulate while the shirt’s ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30-plus blocks most ultraviolet rays. Its poly/rayon fabric is wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying. $60-$75. Available in various colors.

Travel-sized UV-brella from Cakoon UV Products & AccessoriesA shady deal
Parasols aren’t only for fair-skinned heroines of Jane Austen novels. Instead of melting in the heat this summer, take along this lightweight, travel-sized UV-brella from Cakoon UV Products & Accessories. The umbrella’s UPF 50-plus and reflective silver coating will block the sun’s destructive rays and create a shady spot with a cooler micro-climate all its own. $24.95.

Banana Boat's new Ultra Defense SPF 80Higher and higher
Drugstore shelves are carrying sunscreen products with higher and higher SPFs. But keep in mind, it’s all a bit of a numbers game. Compared to an SPF 50, Banana Boat’s new Ultra Defense SPF 80 provides only minimal incremental protection against UVB rays (the primary cause of sunburn). But every little bit helps. The important thing with sunscreen is to apply it liberally and often. Also, make sure your tube says “broad spectrum;” it’s a sign that the product protects against UVA rays, the ones that cause premature aging. Approximately $10.

UPF 50-plus hat from San Diego Hat Co.You can keep your hat on
Ultraviolet rays don’t stand much of a chance against this crushable, UPF 50-plus hat from San Diego Hat Co. Made from grosgrain ribbon, the hat maintains its shape even after folding or rolling it into a suitcase. The tie around the crown is adjustable, so it fits any head. $42. Style number RBL299 at

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