High-Tech Security Lanes Expand at Airports

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is the latest airport to officially launch a speedier security clearance program for pre-screened subscribers.

By: By J.L. Erickson

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The Clear program provides travelers
with a biometric ID card.
Reno-Tahoe International Airport is the latest airport to officially launch a speedier security clearance program for pre-screened subscribers. Called rtGo, the program runs two lanes at concourses B and C.

Under the TSA’s Registered Traveler program, frequent fliers pay about $100 a year to obtain a biometric credential that includes an iris or fingerprint scan and a TSA background check that allows them to verify their identity and pass through airport security more quickly.

Operated by Unisys, rtGo is the second Registered Traveler program to open for business at airports. The rtGo program is also in operation at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Indianapolis International, JFK, Orlando and San Jose.

Bryan Ichikawa, Registered Traveler program director for Unisys, said the company will continue to upgrade its technology to offer new benefits at additional airports.

“We are continually evaluating additional benefits to add to the program including technologies that can further speed the security process and reciprocal relationships with travel-related vendors who might provide incentives to members,” he said.

Unisys said research has shown biometrics are among the top technologies consumers believe will have the greatest impact on strengthening airport security.

The Hyatt Regency San Francisco last month offered enrollment in a similar program, Clear which is operated by Verified Identity Pass via a kiosk in its lobby.

Under the Clear program, travelers also pay about $100 a year to be pre-screened by the TSA and obtain a biometric identity card that allows them to enter a Clear fast-pass lane at airports including San Jose International Airport, JFK Terminal 7, Orlando, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

Airports expected to soon add fast-pass lanes include San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Clear customers can use rtGo lanes and vice versa.


rtGo Program


Law and Online Order
Travel industry attorney Jeffrey Miller has launched a new Web site designed to offer agents rapid access to business and professional development advice.

In addition to background on Miller and the legal services provided by The Miller Travel Group and Lipshultz and Miller P.A., the site includes information on agency appraisals and acquisitions as well as business tips for traditional travel agents, home-based agents, and independent contractors.

Also available on the site is an order form for “Legal Forms for Travel Agents,” a reference book for agency owners, managers and their attorneys that contains current forms, agreements and documents to protect an agency and avoid potential liability in bookings.

Miller’s site also features a resource center that contains articles written by the 26-year industry veteran. Current titles include “Understanding the Value of Cruise Brochures,” “Knowing the Legal Requirements for At-Home Employees,” “Understanding the Key Issues of Agency Acquisitions” and “Handling Emergency Travel Situations.”

Jeffrey Miller

Virtual Rentals

VacationRentals4Agents.com has begun offering virtual travel seminars on its Web site designed to boost agent understanding and profits in selling vacation rentals.


Led by John T. Peters, vice president of travel trade and business development, open market rental for RCI Global Vacation Network, the sessions detail how agents can profit from the $36 billion industry. Vacation Rentals 4 Agents offers 12-20 percent commission on bookings.

The interactive sessions outline the characteristics and benefits of vacation rental accommodations, market demographics and other resources available at VacationRentals4Agents.com.

Traditional and home-based agents can register to participate in the live seminars online or they can view a pre-recorded session available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“This $36 billion vacation exchange and rental industry is a growing segment of the market clearly, one that agents can’t afford to ignore and need to become part of now,” said Peters. ”Training agents on this product will help them not only understand all about the vacation accommodation options made available through Vacation Rentals 4 Agents, but will also make them more adept at offering vacation rentals to their customers in order to benefit from this advantageous revenue stream.”

Vacation Rentals 4 Agents

More Access

Trisept Solutions recently enhanced its travel agent booking engine, VAX VacationAccess, offering agents the flexibility to assemble customized vacations. Agents can now book multiple rooms, enhance hotel searches by rating, add flight information to land-only reservations, and tap into travel-trend tools.


Trisept said the multiple-room booking function was prompted by the increasing popularity of small group travel and now allows agents to save time by booking up to four rooms at the same hotel on a single reservation. Additional enhancements include eConfirmations and itineraries, message alerts and easier site navigation tools.

“With the new enhancements in VAX VacationAccess, travel agents will be able to tailor vacation packages to the travelers’ dreams-exceeding their expectations,” said John Ische, president and CEO of Trisept. To learn more about VAX VacationAccess, or to register for the free vacation portal, visit www.vaxvacationaccess.com

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