Insight Launches Personalized Videos

Insight's videos can be personalized with client, agency information By: Janeen Christoff
Insight Launches Personalized Videos // © 2011 Thinkstock
Insight Launches Personalized Videos // © 2011 Thinkstock

Insight Vacations has launched a new personalized video promoting its tours, which travel agents can send to their clients, customized with the names of their customers interspersed throughout the presentation. The e-marketing tool is available online at no charge, and travel agents can also insert their agency’s contact details to create a unique call to action for their clients.

Insight president Marc Kazlauskas said that this was an industry first and a “fun and innovative way” to engage clients.

“The beauty of the video is that it then pulls each contact’s name and inserts it throughout the footage, resulting in a uniquely personal touch that will really capture the recipient’s attention,” said Kazlauskas.

Videos are accessible from the agent area of by clicking the “video” tab.