JTB Gets New Directors

Day-to-day operations still on uncertain ground after director's departure

The Jamaica Tourist Board appointed nine directors, representing the hospitality, governmental and regional airline communities. The new members are: Josef Forstmayr, Paul Pennicook, Zein Issa Nakash, Carolyn Wright, Jason Henzell, Christopher Zacca, Ohene Blake, O.K. Melhado (former JTB chairman) and Michael Muirhead. Dennis Morrison was named chairman of the board a few weeks ago. The JTB continues to operate under a gray cloud. Tourism director Fay Pickersgill officially ends her term in January but already has walked away from day-to-day operations. And the New York office of the board is undergoing an audit, which followed allegations of fiscal improprieties a few months ago. Noel Mignott, deputy director of tourism, is on leave while the audit proceeds.
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