Keep It Compact

Flight-approved beauty products

By: By Jamie Wetherbe

With all the new security regulations, beauty has taken a backseat for what can be crammed into a clear, quart-size plastic baggie. But for those looking to tote a few comforts onboard, we tested some beauty products in TSA-approved sizes (3 oz. or less) to keep you refreshed in flight — from your head to your feet.

1. Breathe easy
Created by a certified aromatherapist and shiatsu practitioner, Buddha Nose Immune Booster Salve is designed to keep germs at bay — even in the closest of quarters. Rub a small amount on nape of neck and shoulders as often as you like, and the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of the organic and essentials oils will boost your immune system. But don’t worry, this balm smells earthy — not medicinal. $11; 2 oz. 

2. Coming up roses
Smith’s Rosebud Salve is truly multi-purpose — beyond soothing dry lips, the balm calms and heals irritation and relieves the sting of minor burns. Dab it on dry elbows or knees or bug bites for quick relief. It’s also an excellent remedy for diaper rash. The only thing Rosebud Salve doesn’t do is get you to your destination faster. $6; 0.8 oz.

3. Classic creme
The original Nivea Creme can soften even the driest skin. Best for rough spots — like knees, elbows, hands and feet — the convenient tin and price are hard to beat. $1; 1 oz.; drugstores.

4. Fly white
Travelers after a quick way to a whiter, brighter smile can check out GoSMILE JetSET. The kit includes a travel toothbrush and two tubes of whitening protection fluoride toothpaste. “Am” awakens with lime and mandarin essential oils, while “pm” relaxes with chamomile and lavender. $12; 1 oz. each. 

5. Tame your mane
Nothing gives you a bad hair day like a long-haul flight, but the Ted Gibson Hair Sheets are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. These towelettes are packed with good stuff — like silk amino acids, vitamins and wild orchid extract — to eliminate the look of dry ends without giving your hair a greasy feeling. And natural lavender oil leaves your locks smelling and looking fresh. If used sparingly, the styling sheets can last an entire trip. $25 for a box of 10. 

6. Time change
Bliss’ Sleeping Peel Serum claims to turn back the clock by leveling fine lines and minimizing pores as it lightens and brightens skin. Apply the amino acid-antioxidant exfoliating gel at night, and you’ll wake to find your skin soft and smooth by landing. $60; 1 oz. 

7. Minty fresh
This lip balm does more than just relieve dry lips. Packed with aloe, vitamin E and mint oil “to clear the air,” Bliss’ Breath-Freshening Lip Balm is designed to do just that. While the flavor is refreshing, after spending the night on a plane, it’s no substitute for a breath mint. $14; .45 oz.

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