Lock It Up

A field test of TSA-approved luggage locks

By: By Deanna Ting

With ever-increasing security measures being taken at airports worldwide, it’s important for your clients to be able to fly with peace of mind — especially as it becomes more crucial for them to check their valuables. We field-tested four of the top Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved luggage locks to see which ones are fit for flight. 

// (C) 2010 Pacsafe

// (C) 2010 Pacsafe

What a Card
ProSafe 750, Pacsafe
Who It’s For: Forgetful clients who can never bother to remember a lock combination
How It Works: By quickly inserting a provided key card into the bottom of the lock, travelers can automatically open the lock without fussing with any numbers or codes.
Best Features: If your clients lose both of the provided key cards, they can request a replacement from Pacsafe if they remember to keep a note with their key-card code on it.
The Catch: If you lose the key cards and the key-card code, you might have a problem.
The Details: $12.99; www.pacsafe.com

// (C) 2010 CCL Security Products

// (C) 2010 CCL Security Products

On Alert
SearchAlert by Prestolock, CCL Security Products
Who It’s For: Concerned clients who want to know whether or not their bags have been tampered with
How It Works: A tiny security window on the front of the lock will change in color from green to red if the lock has been opened by the TSA. If the TSA fails to place a notification of baggage inspection or security seal on the inspected luggage, clients can also file a report with their airline’s baggage claim office to report any stolen or missing items.
Best Features: This combination lock is resettable, making it easy to adjust both the security window and the combination. It also comes in a range of different colors and sturdy metal materials.
The Catch: Figuring out how to set your combination is slightly tricky but, once you do, it’s no problem at all.
The Details: About $8-$11; www.cclsecurity.com
// (C) 2010 Safe Skies

// (C) 2010 Safe Skies

The Perfect Comeback
BoomerangIt TSA Luggage Lock, Safe Skies
Who It’s For: Clients who never want to wait in line at the baggage claim office for their luggage
How It Works: If a client’s bag goes missing, his/her unique luggage lock I.D. can be used to track it down with BoomerangIt, a global lost-and-found return service that works with law enforcement and other agencies to return lost property to its owners.
Best Features: Clients can also determine whether or not their bag was inspected via a small security window that changes from green to orange. Lifetime BoomerangIt return service, a $10 value, is complimentary and some locks also come in soft, silicone finishes.
The Catch: The lock can only be opened with a set of keys, so your clients need to make sure they don’t lose them.
The Details: $14.99; www.safeskieslocks.com

// (C) 2010 Master Lock

// © Master Lock

Master Class
4688D Padlock, Master Lock
Who It’s For: Clients whose bags have odd-shaped zippers
How It Works: This classic combination lock features a flexible cable shackle that won’t be difficult to loop through, or remove, from luggage zippers.
Best Features: The lock has a limited lifetime warranty, and the brand, Master Lock, is well known and easily purchased nationwide.
The Catch: The cable loop can sometimes be difficult to open and close.
The Details: $9.60; www.masterlock.com 

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