Looking for Client X

Do you understand the mind-set of your clientele?

Popular culture is full of images of how different we are here in the Wild West, and as much as some of that is exaggeration, it’s not entirely untrue either. Just as so many of the most innovative and spirited companies were started in the West (from Apple and Microsoft to Starbucks and The Gap), Western consumers are an unruly and independent lot as hard to tame as the country we live in just ask Wal-Mart, which can’t seem to open a store out West without a community fight these days. This independent spirit makes it all the more challenging for you to understand the mind-set of your clientele. In order to help you do this, the TravelAge West staff analyzed all 488 pages of the American Traveler Survey with nearly 300 tables and charts that reflect on every possible variable of travel spending habits and created a profile of the Western travel consumer. So give the story a close read, because Client X, as we like to call him/her, could very well be the next person through your door.
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