Marriott Not Accepting TRUE

OSSN jumped the gun following Marriott system error that sent out letters

A system error causing the mailing of a generic “Welcome to the Industry” letter to at least 100 OSSN agents was responsible for a premature announcement that Marriott was accepting OSSN’s TRUE ID program (News, Aug. 26).

The letters, according to Terry Lee, Marriott’s senior director of travel agent programs and relations, welcomed the non-ARC ARTA and OSSN agents into the ranks of agencies earning commissions from Marriott.

While the error has been corrected, Lee said, in good faith, Marriott will pay agencies commissions for any bookings made from the time the letters arrived through Aug. 23.

Marriott does not recognize OSSN’s TRUE ID card numbers or ASTA’s program as bona fide professional agent standards.

Marriott reaffirmed its policy of accepting only two designators for independent agencies IATAN’s Travel Industry Designator Service and IATA’s Travel Industry Designator Service, which operates outside the United States.

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