New Budgeting Tool for Agents

Budget Your Trip helps agents better predict clients' travel costs By: Janeen Christoff
Budgets // © 2011 Thinkstock
Budgets // © 2011 Thinkstock

Budget Your Trip, the online travel budgeting resource, has launched a new set of online tools for travel agents: Budget Your Trip Agent. The new suite of resources is specifically designed for travel agents with a straightforward interface to enable them to stay organized and become more knowledgeable about travel costs.

The online tools — accessible from any Web browser — include an easy-to-use Itinerary Builder, a user-friendly Client Relationship Manager (CRM) and unique Travel Cost Research capability with access to real-world travel costs from travelers around the globe.

Travel agents will be granted access to this unique resource so that they can become travel cost experts who are better able to assist clients with budgeting needs. The database includes travel costs for everything from incidentals, such as taxi rides, alcoholic beverages and admission ticket prices, to accommodation and meal prices for more than 1,700 cities around the world.

The tools are part of the new Budget Your Trip Agent service which is now available for $15 per month (including a free trial period).

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