Nexion Makes Air Travel a SNAP for Travel Agents

Nexion launches SNAP for non-GDS travel agents By: Janeen Christoff
Nexion launches SNAP! to assist non-GDS agents. // © 2011 thinkstock
Nexion launches SNAP! to assist non-GDS agents. // © 2011 thinkstock

At its CoNexion conference in New Orleans, Nexion officially unveiled its Simple Nexion Air Program! (SNAP!). Nexion is able to offer SNAP! as a new benefit to agents who can now more easily book and earn commissions on more than 50 airlines, as well as with an array of hotel, car and rail partners. As Nexion’s comprehensive solution for non-GDS agents — comprising approximately 68 percent of Nexion membership — SNAP! provides in-house fulfillment, support, training and technology.

“Travel agents should never, ever leave money on the table,” said Nexion president Jackie Friedman. “Yet, when agents aren’t booking their clients’ airare — or worse, not getting compensated for it — they’re doing just that … Nexion agents are now able to handle all aspects of their customers’ travel needs.”

SNAP! was initially conceived after discussions with non-GDS Nexion agents who revealed substantial and often prohibitive barriers to booking air travel, including thorny issues such as debit memos.

“We’ve busted the barriers by developing an unparalleled, all-inclusive solution for Nexion agents that is both easy to use and highly flexible,” Friedman explained. “Best of all, our agents will easily know what is commissionable, thus increasing their earnings potential.”

As part of its SNAP! launch, Nexion will waive its nominal charge on each PNR through the end of 2011. In tandem with the launch, Friedman also announced that Robbi Hamida has been promoted to serve as Nexion’s director of strategic air programs, overseeing all aspects of Nexion air program services and support, including a group desk.

According to Hamida, Nexion will now provide its members with two dedicated air support teams: Classic for Nexion agents with GDS and SNAP!.

Initially, SNAP! participants will receive training on the basics of air, including how to read and understand airline contracts, as well as training on the SNAP! technology tool. SNAP! was first launched via a beta-test of 14 Nexion agents on July 18.

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