Nexion Networking Groups Launched in 4 Cities

More cities to come this summer By: Kenneth Shapiro
Austin, Texas, is one of the cities with a Nexion Network group. // © 2016 iStock
Austin, Texas, is one of the cities with a Nexion Network group. // © 2016 iStock

The Details

Nexion has reported the successful launch of Nexion Networks, which are formalized, local networking groups for Nexion travel agents. The first four local groups were launched in Austin, Texas; Baton Rouge/New Orleans, La.; Dallas/Fort Worth; and Orlando/Tampa, Fla. 

Why It Matters:
Collaboration is a key to success, and many agents struggle to build their own trusted network of colleagues. Nexion seems to have an answer for this. More than a dozen additional local groups are scheduled to be added by July, and each Nexion Network will be led by Nexion travel agents. Once formed, the group will appoint a leader to work with Nexion staff, organize events and increase membership. One of the primary goals is for each Nexion Network to take advantage of the affiliation with Nexion and its supplier partners while utilizing those relationships to facilitate speakers and networking opportunities. 

Fast Facts:
- The first four local groups launched March 17.

- Nexion is a branch of Tzell Travel Group, which is a Travel Leaders Group company.

What They Are Saying:
“Consistently, we see that Nexion agents place a high value on personal connections, ranging from their clients to one another. It’s part of what makes them so successful,” said Jackie Friedman, Nexion president. “While we successfully relaunched NexionTown — our online social networking community — earlier this year, there is so much to be gained from in-person interactions and networking, as well. We will be supporting the efforts of the Nexion Networks in a variety of ways, but the power is really in the hands of our agents locally.” 

“Often Nexion agents operate independently or as part of a small agency, making these in-person networking opportunities all the more valuable,” said Cris De Souza, vice president of sales and marketing for Nexion. “The energy at our first local meetings was electric; it’s incredibly rewarding to provide resources for so many talented and motivated professionals. There is no doubt in my mind that Nexion agents will take the resources and support Nexion staff provide and run with it, making Nexion Networks an integral part of growing their business.”

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