Papillon Hosts Grand Voyager Expedition

Papillon Airways takes Active America-China conference members through the Grand Canyon By: Sara Omidvar
 Active America-China // (c) 2011 Papillion.
 Active America-China // (c) 2011 Papillion.

On April 18, Papillon Airways hosted tour operators from China on a full-day getaway flight across the Grand Canyon. Papillon Airways hosted the tour operators’ familiarization experience on The Grand Voyager Expedition, a full-day excursion of sightseeing across the majestic canyon that involved plane, helicopter, coach and pontoon boats.

The tour operators came to Las Vegas to be a part of the Active America-China conference, designed to promote tourism from China to North America. The meeting was held at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and promoted relationship-building and networking between operators in the industry. Destinations and suppliers were brought together with agents and tour operators from China, with the intention of building new leisure tour programs in the future. The small tour created an intimate atmosphere, allowing for networking between the travel suppliers and Chinese agents.

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