Passport 3-26-2005

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What About the Copay?
People aren't the only ones important to the families of Kimpton Hotel workers.

An attractive new benefit available to employees of the pet-friendly hotelier will be insurance for employees’ furry friends. Pet Assure, a comprehensive pet-benefit program, makes affordable pet care available to its members.

“We want to do everything we can to take care of all members of our employees families and to make sure they are all safe and happy,” Steve Pinetti, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Patrick Marchesson is no ordinary hair designer. He’s Super Stylist! Able to tease and dye in a single bound ... and dead-lift over 400 pounds.

Think we’re kidding? Well guess again. Marchesson, a hair designer at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Palm Dessert, Calif., got his AAU International Champion Gold Medal recently in the power-lifting event. Marchesson won in his weight class, 148 pounds, by lifting 352 pounds in the first round, 374 pounds in the second and 402 in the third.

By our calculations that’s the equivalent of over 250 large bottles of shampoo.

“I was able to make a new personal record for myself at the trial,” said Marchesson. “I thank my trainers for sticking with me and making my dream come true.”

The resort’s spa director, Bruce Taylor, is one of the trainers who has been working with Marchesson over the last year to help him get this title. The two are currently working together to ensure Marchesson places again at an upcoming power-lifting contest in June.

The spa director and the hair designer power-lifting for gold. Does anyone else see a TV movie in this?

Fearsome Fun
Got a client with nerves of steel? Well you can prove it this spring in the new “Fear Factor Live” shows opening at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Based on the NBC program “Fear Factor,” Fear Factor Live marks the first time a reality television show will be transformed into a theme park experience. In each show, park guests will compete against each other in a series of extreme stunts the details of which have not been released that are designed to test the “physical and emotional limits” of each contestant.

“The odds are more in your favor for getting into Harvard than being chosen to appear on ‘Fear Factor,’” said Matt Kunitz, the show's executive producer. "With Fear Factor Live, people will now have the chance to participate in some of the same stunts we've done on the show."

And that’s supposed to be a good thing?

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