Peace of Mind

Items that let clients travel with ease

With security on everyone’s minds these days, we’ve found two products — a portable smoke mask and a smart luggage lock — that will give clients a little peace on the road. Plus, check out the dress that fits into a small pouch and a camera case/wallet that’s as practical as it is good looking.


Baggie Clothes
Dress in a Bag
The soft, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant Dress in a Bag rolls into a six-inch pouch that fits into a client’s purse or carry-on. Long tanks, short dresses and short-sleeved dresses in solids, florals, multi- and safari patterns. Machine washable; sizes S, M, L, XL and select styles in plus sizes. $45 and up.






Red Alert
SearchAlert Padlock
The tiny window on this three-digit padlock turns from green to red if the lock is opened with a TSA access device or counterfeit opening device. Clients can check bags for missing items before leaving the airport. Travel Sentry- certified. $7.95.






Smoke Screen
Xcaper Smoke Mask
Recent bombings in London and Egypt are a stark reminder of the dangers that clients may face away from home. This purse-sized mask eliminates smoke-particulate matter, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other hazardous toxins. The mask is easy to put on; just slip the straps over the back of your head. $49.95 kit includes mask, goggles, whistle and LED light. One use only.




Stash It All
Norazza Tri-Fold Traveler Digital Camera Case
This compact and stylish case has a pouch for a digital camera and unfolds to reveal a wallet with zippers and pockets galore for stashing cash, travelers’ checks, credit cards, map and more. Padded and water resistant. Measures 5½ inches by 6½ inches by 3 inches. With shoulder strap and belt strap that attaches to baby stroller or bike. $19.99.

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