Pet Project

Pet-friendly gear for animal lovers

By: By Anne Burke

You probably have more than one client who never leaves home without the family pet — and you’re not alone. Four-legged family members are traveling more than ever before. We’ve rounded up some pet products to help make Fido and Fluffy’s next trip safe, fun and yes — even sexy.


A pet in a pod

The Sleepypod is a mobile pet bed; just sling the strap over your shoulder and you and your cat or dog (up to 15 pounds) are good to go. The Sleepypod also functions as a home bed for your client’s pet, so travel becomes less traumatic. The ultra-plush interior can be vacuumed and machine washed. Features an adjustable dome top that can be removed for home use. $137.50.




If Fido decides to do some independent sightseeing on his next trip, a home phone number on his dog tag won’t be much help. The digital Dog-e-Tag can be programmed (in five languages) with timely contact info and important messages such as, “I need medicine” and “Please scratch my ears.” Weighs ¾ ounce, is waterproof and takes up to 400 characters. $39.99.


Pulling wheelies

A four-wheel-drive feature on the Pet on Wheels from Tutto makes this airline-approved carrier easy to maneuver in a crowded airport. Includes a washable, synthetic fleece pad and large pocket for storing pet goodies. Folds to 3½ inches. Various colors and sizes. $145.



A pretty pooch

Sexy Beast has given a whole new meaning to dog grooming with its line of canine-care products. Your client’s pampered pooch will be ready to check in at the Ritz with the Sexy Beast travel set, which includes a botanical water infusion to cleanse and deodorize the coat, a plant-based powder that leaves behind a subtle shimmer and a lightweight finishing mist. $30.




Ready for takeoff

Your pet will look stylish, and be comfy too, in this airline-approved, Boston tweed pet carrier from Sherpa. Carriers are soft-sided and pliable to conform to the space under an airline seat. Sherpa carriers are approved for in-cabin use on many commercial airlines but clients should always speak with an airline representative to confirm. Carrier: $85 and $95; also available in tote: $75.

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