Road Warrior Ready

The best gadgets and gizmos for jet setters

By: By Anne Burke

Helping customers know what to take on a trip is part of the fun of being in the travel business. We’ve rounded up some great but inexpensive items that will make life on the road easier for the lost-luggage victim, the cell phone addict and the time-zone zigzagger on your client list.

Can you hear me now?
Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case

The perfect solution for clients who love watersports but love their cell phones more. Clients can hear and be heard through the flexible vinyl case. Guaranteed 100 percent waterproof to 15 feet. Comes with neck cord and carabiner for attaching to a belt. $24.99.




Your bags will find you
Magellan’s Retriever Luggage Tags

Why didn’t someone think of this before? Over 97 percent of missing bags show up within four days. By that time, your clients may already have left for their next destination. These vinyl pouches instruct baggage agents — in eight
languages — to retrieve the itinerary folded inside and
forward the bag to the appropriate location. $7.85 for two.


Got the time?
Travel Rotation Clock

Clients who zigzag between time zones will love this alarm clock, which automatically adjusts to East, Central, Mountain or West time zones. It also
displays date and current temperature. Travel pouch included. Two AAA batteries not included. $30.

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