Sabre Releases New Customer Profile System

New system provides travel agents' clients with greater secruity By: Janeen Christoff

Sabre Travel Network announced the release of Sabre Profiles, an innovative profile system that provides greater security, structure and control for customer profile management. Through a user-friendly interface, Sabre Profiles allows travel agencies using the Sabre Red Workspace to efficiently manage and access customer data and easily incorporate it into the travel management process.

Built in an open systems environment, Sabre Profiles utilizes a relational database, categorizing thousands of unique data elements and making it easy for agents to store, find and utilize customer profile information. For the agent, this translates into increased efficiency, improved customer service and enhanced marketing capabilities.

Because data security is of paramount importance to travel agencies, Sabre Profiles ensures that data is kept safe and secure and that credit-card data is stored and transacted in full compliance with PCI standards. Sabre Profiles gives travel agencies the flexibility to define their profile structure and ensures profile data is collected consistently and accurately. Advanced administrative capabilities provide agencies greater control over profile access and data management.

“For travel agencies, accurate and easily accessible customer information is critical to providing outstanding customer service, creating smart, efficient processes and fueling CRM systems,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president of Sabre Travel Network. “Sabre Profiles will quickly become one of the most important tools in our Sabre Red portfolio, helping agencies offer more personalized services and more relevant travel options that better meet travelers’ needs today and into the future.”

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